This shit is real and really crazy

Bucket of pussy…

Ok, so when Fuzzy was in town, we went to a porn store… a few porn stores actually. And at one of them, seeing as how I like a little … Continue reading

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Do I taste bad?… Lesbian dreams…

Ok, so… That was a basic exact image of my dream last night between me and a girl named Tara that I used to be friends with.  Old Tara that … Continue reading

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Some guys just suck….

So there is this guy that has wanted to go on a date with me for like two years.  He already stood me up once and had excuses about working … Continue reading

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life is just grand  

March 10, 2014 · 1 Comment

The OH! in Kentucky….

Ok, so my readers may have picked up on the fact that I have never had an orgasm from penetration except a few times when I use my hitachi wand … Continue reading

February 25, 2014 · 1 Comment

The muffin shop is OPEN for business people…

Well I am very very single now. Got my ass dumped through a fucking IM… yep that happened. We are attempting to be friends. We will see. I hope we … Continue reading

February 22, 2014 · 2 Comments

“If you’re like me, and I know I am” – Godzilla Vs Megalon

Ok… so MST3K is a show where they show old movies and they riff them. Which means they make comments and jokes through out the movie. While there was a … Continue reading

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