This shit is real and really crazy

Cutting…. Just because it bothers you….

She is beautiful, and hot, and sexy, and strong. I could stop there.  I mean I made my general point already.  But here is the longer version… I cut.  Deal … Continue reading

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? . ! ,

How do you get this gals attention?  Using punctuation.  Yep that is a good start to getting in my pants.

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My 10th birthday, my 10th lover…. Bruises here, bruises there….

When I turned 10, I remember that birthday party very well.  So many details.  But what I remember the most is how my Aunt told me how 10 was such … Continue reading

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Please do not rub your pubic hair on my shoulder….. Corey the wise owl

Well as you know I write from the crazy in my head, but also many times, from real life.  And after that, what more could I say to him… cept, … Continue reading

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P.E.T.A….. People Eating Tasty Animals… Far Cry 4

Ok… so anyone that reads my blog knows that video games are not a regular topic… this being due to the fact that I get motion sickness.  Me and my … Continue reading

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That sting I love so much…. Spread your legs further….

The wait is harder to take than any pain he offers.  And what he offers, I take and I wish only to show him how much I enjoy it. When … Continue reading

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When moms die on channel 7 (CW)…

Well I know I know…. Tv is  not real.  It is just play pretend.  But I have been watching The Vampire Diaries from the very first episode.   And one … Continue reading

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