This shit is real and really crazy

Once upon a time… A golden heart…

Once upon a time there is a great king.  He searched lands near and far for his queen.  But no one was right for him.  One was too this,,, Another … Continue reading

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7 times in 5 days… Boy did I sleep good last night…

Submission, Control.  Dominant, submissive.  Who would have thought this was the life for me…  But happiness has never been so good as my life now.  My amazing boyfriend is not … Continue reading

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Making love a different way… Didn’t know it could feel like that…

Passion, kissing, thrusting, orgasms, cuddles. As I lay there in his arms, I knew I wanted more.  I knew my craving was not quenched and I had to have his … Continue reading

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Submission… Who would have thought…

From a top/bottom relationship to a dom/sub relationship over night.  How did that happen?  Why do I feel so much better, and utterly joyfully happier?  It all started it a … Continue reading

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Is the sexy secretary thing over done….

“Please hold all my calls for the next hour, Mrs. Hall” he said as he smoothly walked through the main section of the floor.  As he passed her desk, she … Continue reading

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My cat isn’t dying… But it was gross…

Ok… so life lately… well In the midst of recovering from surgery, and my uncle being sick and then my uncle dying and relationship stuff and oldest friend stuff and … Continue reading

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Losing my mojo….

Ok… not sure where to begin other than, if you are still reading my shit…. thanks cause I know I have been gone for a while…. and by while, I … Continue reading

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