This shit is real and really crazy

Wait… what’s your real name?

Ever have one of those fucked up weird as shit days? im having a mind f**k of a day…. my mind just got permanently blown up to the wtf mode. … Continue reading

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The suckage of people…. Hate yourself for all the right reasons….

So a while back when I wrote about my diet all the time…. ya know back when i had it under control…. a family member informed me very insistently that … Continue reading

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Crazy dream about my boyfriend…

I had the worst nightmare. I had a dream it was Christmas Day. And josh left lunch with my family without even saying goodbye. And everyone kept saying if they … Continue reading

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I sleep alone anyways so…

So a friend asked me just now, “Do you sleep better with someone or alone?”. It is almost as complicated as, “Are you single?”.   I was surprised at how … Continue reading

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You know how when you are talking to someone new and you make a connection?  You think, oh my god this is great.  Someone to watch marathons of B movies … Continue reading

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Girls Don’t Have Mustaches… Inspired by true events…

David had been working at his job for several months.  One of those jobs where he said to people all day, “Have you tried turning it off, and then back … Continue reading

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The Shower…. A little bit of fiction…

The Shower “What did you say baby?  Sorry this blog is just taking me so long to write.  How about I take a break and give you all of my … Continue reading

March 27, 2015 · 2 Comments

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