This shit is real and really crazy


You know how when you are talking to someone new and you make a connection?  You think, oh my god this is great.  Someone to watch marathons of B movies … Continue reading

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Girls Don’t Have Mustaches… Inspired by true events…

David had been working at his job for several months.  One of those jobs where he said to people all day, “Have you tried turning it off, and then back … Continue reading

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The Shower…. A little bit of fiction…

The Shower “What did you say baby?  Sorry this blog is just taking me so long to write.  How about I take a break and give you all of my … Continue reading

March 27, 2015 · 2 Comments

Cutting…. Just because it bothers you….

She is beautiful, and hot, and sexy, and strong. I could stop there.  I mean I made my general point already.  But here is the longer version… I cut.  Deal … Continue reading

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? . ! ,

How do you get this gals attention?  Using punctuation.  Yep that is a good start to getting in my pants.

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My 10th birthday, my 10th lover…. Bruises here, bruises there….

When I turned 10, I remember that birthday party very well.  So many details.  But what I remember the most is how my Aunt told me how 10 was such … Continue reading

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Please do not rub your pubic hair on my shoulder….. Corey the wise owl

Well as you know I write from the crazy in my head, but also many times, from real life.  And after that, what more could I say to him… cept, … Continue reading

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