This shit is real and really crazy

The L Word without the lesbians

Ok… so today I need to rant.  What do I need to rant about?  Oh I do not know… maybe how men can not say the oh so dreaded Love word.  I mean, half the time they just can not say it.  Months and they can not mutter the word.  But fuck them, suddenly love is on their minds… or on second thought, don’t fuck them.  That really seems to spring loveliness to their mouths.  And God help you if you are like me… I am a woman.  I like women just fine I guess, but I prefer a nice guy friend most of the time.

But just try and get the love words out of their mouth.  Nope.  Aint gonna happen.  I mean sure after 2 or 3 years of devoted friendship…. maybe just maybe then they will say it.

But like right now, I have a friend, a guy who I love.  Can I say it to him?  Nope.  Why?  Because he will probably just squirm like a little sad earth worm on dry land.  And I think, maybe I will just text it to him.  That way it is easier to say it.  Well, not say it, but type it.  But no… cause half the time they can not even do that.  God forbid you admit you care about a female other than a blood relative and say l…l….l…love to her without the possible bonus of splooging all over her face a few minutes later.  What do they think?  “If I say love, she will think I am her bitch”   or “If I love her I am a pussy”  … Somewhere along those lines are what I am thinking.

Which leads me to a whole other point.  Wait… you want to stick that … that big thing in my ass… uh huh… ok so… you think gay men are gross, and you like to call them fudge packers… but you think my ass is any different from a mans?  Uh no… stick that somewhere else until I get to stick something in yours.  Shenanigans people.  For you men who think a man on man lovin is gross because, as my father once put it, “Do you know what they do?”  they are doing the same thing you did to my fucking mother.  They do the same thing that 95% of the male race wants to do to his woman, or women as it usually is the case.  So, do I know what they do?  Not as well as you do, daddy dear.

And how come all the 3somes are two women and one man… and the girls make out with each other and with the guy…. but you make a 3some with one woman and 2 men, am I ever gonna see 2 straight men go at it for the joys of my delight?  No… why not?  I mean you love to see 2 straight women go at it for your joys and delights…. so can we all say it together?  Shenanigans!!!  So… I am thinking, you all should suck it up, suck on it and let it go.  We all know you are big tough men.  Love is not a bad word.  Grow a pussy (cause we all know a pussy can take a beating and keep on ticking, can you say that about your balls?) and say you l….l….love me.  Maybe if you are a good boy, I will say it back.


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