This shit is real and really crazy

Chic-fil-A = Boo Muppets = Yay!

So many fucking things to say… Oh yeah.  FUCK chic-fil-a and their hating bullshit.  Fuck my hating family members and also fuck … fuck me for being bi-sexual… No really, fuck me because clearly it is time for me to self hate and take over the world by putting all gay men in concentration camps where they of course deserve to be for eternity so they can dig holes for me to have my STRAIGHT men to throw their dick loving bodies in to.  What?  What did you say?  Will women be in these camps?  Of course not because everyone knows that two women fucking is not wrong, that is just hot.  OK so let me get this straight, girl on girl, 2 girls on guy and man and woman are all A-OK and a man sticking his dick in to a woman’s asshole is OK… because that’s hot and is not gay… BUT a man sticking his dick in to an asshole on a man is totally gross, different and wrong.  Why is this?  Does my asshole smell sweeter than “bob’s”?  Is my asshole less offensive because there is a pussy right around the corner?  OK so that must be it.  Asshole plus pussy equals A-OK.  So if you are a man and you get a sex change and so now you have an asshole and a pussy,  you are welcome to take it up the ass with any pointy object in sight, especially a man’s home grown dick.  So what about those people born with both parts?  Either way they fuck aside from themselves is gay in some way because they had both so they are sticking it to the same sex in a way.  And I say self fucking is preferred for them, cause let’s face it, when I masturbate, I am getting a woman off and every “Bob” gets a “Bob” off every time he drops a load in his little Kleenex or sock or whatever he prefers.  So “Bob” on “Bob” in some manner is OK.  And just like my certain family members say, it is OK to be gay, just not to act on it.  So the hermaphrodites of the world should never touch a man or a woman.  But fucking themselves is not only OK but very much encouraged.  OK… so them’s the rules.  I think I got it right, it is OK that I just masturbated twice and got off 6 times within an hour because girl on girl action is OK and appreciated.  So.. what do I personally think?  I think fuck you chic-fil-a because I have fucked a woman or two and men and God still loves me and maybe He hates you for hating His people He made in His image.  I am a woman, I love a man, but I have loved a girl.  I have a friend who is “liking” Chic-fil-a pics on Facebook even though I know he has fucked men and apparently now is very much a self hater.  This is the new civil war people.  Recognize it and make the right choice.  Do I believe I am right?  FUCK YES I do.  Am I going to go on Facebook and delete you, block you and say fuck you?  No.  Why?  BECAUSE I DON’T JUDGE YOU AND YOUR BULLSHIT.  I leave that to all the fucking haters.  Oh and I never have been much of a Muppet fan, but now I think I will go see every movie they ever make since they pulled themselves OUT of all of the chic-fil-a ads because they be Muppets, they be straight, gay and bi and they be proud little cotton creatures.

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