This shit is real and really crazy

Dead face

dead face

dead face 2 dead face 3

Ok so there was this boy one time, and like Oh my god, he was like so cute… and an idiot but very man-pretty.  He informed me of his fear of my dead face.  What is my dead face?  I did not know til stupid pretty boy informed me.  Apparently I have a “default” face as a friend of mine puts it.  Since that fateful night… About 20 people have pointed out my dead face and called it various names but they all equal dead face.  So basically dead face is where my eyes go dead and I look past what is in front of me and no one can tell what I am thinking.  This concerns some people.  It makes me bring it up.  To which I am always like,, fuck you!!!!  So this boy, this pretty boy cursed me.  Now I look at the birdie and say cheese and when the pics come back, I have dead face in half of them.  I hate my dead face.  But why should I smile at you when you are not doing anything funny?  I mean do a fucking trick…. flash me….  kiss me…. tell me something funny …. but please, oh please god, don’t touch me.  I really do not like it when you dead face hating people touch me.  So this dead face scares the masses or it confuses them.  So what do I do with this curse?  Should I become a pro-gambler?  I mean no one would be able to tell when I bluffed.  I must learn to control this curse, turn it in to my gift, my power and help it grow.  I will gamble with all the world and soon… I will be so barely famous that they will bring back the surreal life just to put me and Austin O’Brien from the lawn mower movies.  I will also moonlight for ex’s.  I will go to all their ex-girl friends or ex-boyfriends weddings intrude myself in to their wedding pics which will ruin them with my great gift.  BWAHAHAHA!!!

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