This shit is real and really crazy

It’s boring, cept when it’s not

So for years I have been avoiding like the plague the game, D&D and it’s many offspring.  I was married to someone who often asked me to play, but I just could not get over the fact that I felt like a late 20’s woman who was acting like a kid with his stupid friends that were in fact 20-some year old children.  Now I am divorced and I am with someone else.  The difference here is, well I actually LIKE his friends and I am comfortable enough to say, hey let’s play house.  Oh and aside from that, his friends actually came up with a scenario that is funny as shit and very entertaining.  I am not some dumb thing running around in the olden days killing elves and dwarfs like I am in some Cheap version of Lord of the Rings.  This my friend is something way better.  This is… Walmart takes over the world.  They are big as states, every one in the world lives in walmarts and it takes days to travel from one department to another.  I had a very very fun night last night.  I am of the pet department tribe and my weapons of choice are dog food cans and a giant hamster tooth as my dagger.  So my decision on role playing games is… it is so fucking boring….except when it’s not.

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