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One of my ears likes me better than the other one

Ok, so no one really cares, but recently I got my ears pierced again.  Not again as in I had them pierced once before and was lazy and they healed up.  As in I now have 4 holes in my ears.  It was so damn simple, walk in, say I want this and those and a few squeezes later, I have holes.

I was shocked at how little effort it took to make the holes and very shocked at how little it hurt if any.  If I had to say it hurt, I would say, I felt it in my right ear.  The left was like nothing happened.  This was a few days ago, fast forward to now… which ear hurts like a bitch?  The right one… still.

The instructions from the piercer say I am to take it out and give up basically.  Because it is my body rejecting a foreign object in it.  FUCK that.  I spent $30 and by golly I am not going to make it only worth $15.  DAMN THE MAN!!!  If I have to, I will go see a Dr.  But that earring is NOT coming out of my ear.  No way no how.  I refuse.

What’s the worst that could happen?  Could my ear lobe explode?  Could it fall off?  Could it get gang green?  Could it grow legs, out of an infection and run away with the other one?  DOUBTFUL!!!  This is the same ear that has given me trouble with the original piercings my entire life.  Of course, normally I can take the earring out, rub alcohol on my ear and then stick the earring back in coated with neosporin.  But… I can not do that because my piercer made it VERY clear to NOT take out the earring no matter what for 6 weeks if I want to be all hole-ee like.  So, what am I going to do?  Well not a damn thing for now.  It does hurt, but no more than a bug bite.  Yes it is swollen, but I can live.

If it continues to be like this, I will see my Dr…  or go to Kroger and see whoever is at the little clinic because I have found that they are more willing to accept my limits and they do not try to force me to do something I will not do.  They let me be in control of my life, which is why I have not seen “my” Dr in like a year or more.   So… my conclusion… One of my ears likes me better than the other.  I will write again on this subject, if it falls off and I end up looking like some fucked up painting.  Peace bitches

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