This shit is real and really crazy

Waking up after sex


Ok… so tell me.  Am I the ONLY one who wakes up after sex, particularly after having an orgasm or a few.  I mean today, I was sleepy, I had had plenty of sleep so I watched a bit of hentai and poof, I was raring to go and now I am freaking hyper, never mind simply not tired anymore.  I do not know how anyone can fall asleep after such a climax.  First off, after having one, I want more.  After having sex, I want to have sex again.  I can go weeks without it, but when I do have it, I want it again right then and then the next day and so on.  Once some time has passed I calm down and the insane sex crazed desire in my cooter subsides.  But falling asleep… no way.  I could shop for hours, and I could clean the house and I could invent the cure for some crazy thing like… manic lows.  For you shall be naturally HIGH all the time, bwahah.  Anywho, I am far from sleepy and as my honey fell asleep on me recently I was bored and wanted him to wake up with a hard on missile that was programmed to find my pussy and detonate.  EXPLOSION!!!  How can you sleep after that?  If a bomb went off in your bedroom, you would be wide awake and freaking out… how do you sleep after an explosion?  Am I the only one who thinks this way?

wide awake

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