This shit is real and really crazy

WTF? Why do I have so many Stevie Nicks cd’s?


Ok… so I have been going through all of my hundreds of CD’s.  I mean I have never gotten rid of any of my music.  Needless to say, I am quite horrified and some of them.  And then there are some I feel I will be judged by those close to me that I still like.  But as I went through them, I discovered that somehow… I have 4 Stevie Nicks CD’s.   WTF???!!!  I like 3 songs that ever came out of that woman’s mouth.  Yet I have 4.  It is insane.  But just in case I was wrong, I listened to each one.  NOPE.  I still hate everything but 4 songs.  This was bad enough, but then I found that I also have the greatest hits by Fleatwood Mac.  WTF??  I do not like any of them cept one.  Yet I bought a 2 disc greatest hits which means I spent more money than if I had just bought the one CD with the one song I liked.  Far as I know I did not do drugs when I was in school… but maybe I forgot all the acid that I clearly needed to buy this shit.  To those of you who like her, enjoy.  Not saying you shouldn’t.  But I do not enjoy her… so wtf?  Yep, I did drugs, bought Stevie Nicks CD’s and then came home and was so horrified I got PDS and forgot all about it.

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