This shit is real and really crazy

things that make me jump/flinch/jerk/make girly screams with the fuck word mixed in

Ok, so let this be known.  I am crazy and my logic is the logic of a mad woman.  So do not argue with me about logic, because as crazy as I am, I have the energy to never give up to your logic which may in fact be in touch with reality, but in my mind is total poppy cock

ok, things that make me do all those things in the title

There is a spot on me that … Ok so before I met a Chris-like-person, I was very very ticklish.  But years of knowing him has led to me becoming numb/ developed a very strong resistance.  But… if you are laying with me naked, well there is just one little spot that will send fists and slaps and girly giggles out of me… but no way in hell can you get to it while my clothes are on so…

Also, sudden sounds make me jump.  I discovered this past sat that an auction is NOT an option for me.  Every time the auctioner’s helper shouted and pointed in the direction of the new high bidder, I flinched in my chair and in the end was driven out of the room to have a panic attack in an unfamiliar hallway.
My boyfriend’s door bell.  It is just louder or something.  I really do not know, but every time someone rings it, I scream a potty word.  I am pretty sure my boyfriend’s oh so good and not potty word lending mother heard me say fuck in a shriek a couple of months ago when she rang the damn thing.  Whoops

door bell

Bee’s… MOTHER FUCKING bugs in general, but those damn bee’s that supposedly dont sting, they simply eat wood all day… well not all day cause they certainly take their time off from eating my mom’s garage to dive bomb me in the head over and over for no reason which terrifies me (I know, they don’t sting… so says “they”)  and I dodge and jerk and squeal like a child on crack..  and God help you if you are standing next to me, I may take out an eye or a limb because I absolutely have no control over  my body at that time.

The slamming of any door (aside from when I am the slammer of the door)

When I put in a disc in my computer that it rejects and it pops it back out without warning… yes this makes me jump

getting a pelvic exam … i flinch every fucking time.  I am 30, I have had a lot of sex and a bunch of pelvic exams, i lay there in my damn paper dress on the edge of some table and i tell myself over and over that it is about to happen, she is gonna touch me… and the sad thing is, my dr is nice enough to touch my thigh first to prepare me… so actually i am flinching to the touch on my thigh..  I am told this is a result of my being inflicted with vagismus… if you do not know what that is, comment you want to know and I will blog about that too.

i flinch when a stranger touches me

i flinch when someone i know touches me when i am not expecting it

i flinch sometimes when  my cat reaches over and touches me

i flinch every time i go somwhere in my sisters car cause she has her stereo turned up really loud so when she turns on her car it starts with no warning … im pretty sure her husband does this too.  i love loud music, i just like it to happen gradually, lol

the sounds of really large metal chains make me cringe and jerk

thats all i can think of at this moment…. if i think of more i will add it later

One comment on “things that make me jump/flinch/jerk/make girly screams with the fuck word mixed in

  1. psychofab
    November 13, 2012

    I actually turn my volume down some when I stop my car, or at least I try to. Occasionally I forget it altogether. Then I jump lol

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