This shit is real and really crazy

Invalid test results


I doubt I have said this already, or maybe I have.  But I am trying to get pregnant right now.  I have tried this A LOT in the past.  I have taken oodles and oodles of tests and 100% of them said negative.  As of two months ago I began trying again and since I have PCOS I almost never have a period on my own.  I have to take pills for ten days to make my body have one.  But in order to take these pills, I have to make sure I am not pregant because apparently something horrible happens… I am guessing a miscarriage or something.  I never asked, all I know is my Dr’s make it very very clear and then the pharmacist has a mini verbal melt down on me when I pick up the pills.  But anywho, I do what I am told as a general rule (when it comes to my meds) and so I took a test yesterday when I woke up.  Invalid.  No line, no dot no plus no line no nothing.  Ok, so it was .88 and I assumed I got what I paid for.  So i got another one, not the most expensive but for sure not the cheapest.  Came home, used it… invalid.  WTF???  I have always failed in record time.  I mean they say wait 3 minutes, but I always get a big fat negative in less than 5 seconds on those fuckers.  But yesterday, 2 invalids???  I see my body has found a new way to make my life harder.  So at midnight I made my boyfriend take me to the store and buy 2 tests.  Thats right, 2!!!  They say the tests work better if you use them the first time you pee when you first wake up.  So, what sits on my toilet right now?  A pink box with pee sticks.  If i ever go to bed, which will lead to waking up which will lead to my path to the bathroom, I will pee once more on a stick… a once again more expensive pee stick.  This time I got 2 for $11 with my Kroger discount.  My boyfriend was kinda grumpy about going back out cause it was 17  minutes away to the Kroger… but you see, it was not my fault.  I remembered to get a test when we were out the first time.  I did.  I would have felt bad if I had forgotten it, but I remembered.  It was just invalid.  So we went out to Circle K with hopes of finding one there.  Why a gas station?  Well as my GOOD friend says, even meth heads have to take those tests.  But unless they were hidden in the donuts that I purposely avoided, they were no where to be found.  So i said, “would you rather we go to Walmart or Kroger?” to which he replied with a grumpy tone, “Really???” I was like, “Yeah I can not help it.  We have to go to one of them.”  So we went to Kroger.  He walked behind me like he was on slow mo.  I got to the aisle with record time.  I had my eyes on two different brands by the time he finally joined.  I told him to pick but that there had to be 2 in the box.  He of course is the anti-choice maker so I ended up picking.  So they await me for when I once again wake… but first I have to go to bed.  But I cant go to bed cause I am on 3rd shift mentality and I have to be “normal” for the holidays so I am staying up til I can say I cam going to bed early today.  But at least the tests are waiting for me.  An hour ago his alarm went off and I did not hear him thumping around so I went and made him get up.  He finally got moving and when he was all brushed and ready he came in and said he was sorry for being grumpy.  I loves him for not forgetting his grumpy-ness while he slept.  If I am pregnant I will have to tell my future spawn that their daddy was grumpy the night I bought the test.  LOL

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