This shit is real and really crazy

Fucked up dream


I had a dream last night, well nightmare, but people don’t say nightmare every single time they sleep.  They say dream with a nightmare here and there but for me it is the opposite.  So I had a nightmare that I got really really really dehydrated and it caused all ten of my fingers to draw up and contort til they broke and looked like twisted tree limbs.

After that I once again had a dream I was back in school.  In the dream I had graduated but didn’t like college so I just went back to high school for ever basically.  This time I was at Highview.  No matter what I did, I could not focus.  My eyes were half shut and I could not open them more than they were.  My vision was blurry.  I could not lock my locker because I had no idea what my combination was.  A girl I used to be friends with was the only person I knew and we were taking all the same classes.  While we signed up for classes, this woman walked by and I asked the guy signing us up if that was Mrs.Knott and he said yes so I told said used to be friend that we had to take her class.  I had too many note books in my locker, I couldn’t remember the name of the class I said we had to take.  I could not see which book to bring and my ADD was majorly out of control and things were going by so fast.  I went up to the teacher to tell her how wonderful I thought she was when I was in 2nd grade.  But she quickly informed me she was not who I thought she was.  And I very quickly realized she was not going to be any thing like the teacher I thought she was, she was cold and wanted me to go back to my seat to do my lesson.  I looked all around and in the short time it took to find out she was not Mrs.Knott, everyone was almost done.  I could not see the book, I could not read because people were making noise.  I tried to get my friend to help but she wouldn’t and the guy next to me treated me like the virgin plague I was in high school.  I was lost and I tried to just find the answer to one question and then the bell rang.  I went back to my locker and people had put whip cream in it as a joke.  Like I said I could not lock it.  I kept trying to talk to the people in the office, but no one would tell me my combination or my class schedule.  My friend had wondered off in horror that I was such a mess and I had no idea where to go.  I heard the bell ringing and I was lost.  I kept getting more and more lost no matter what I did.  People would not talk to me, they would not make eye contact.  Somewhere along the way I ended up in a bathroom and instead of doors, they had curtains on the stalls.  But the curtains were small, not high enough or low enough.  People could see me naked.  I was horrified.  I was the only person in the entire school that was not skinny.  I was so filled with panic I wanted to die.

And this is a normal night of dreaming for me.

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