This shit is real and really crazy

My panties have no home

mixed_lot_of_ladies_undergarments_panties_g_stringI moved in with my boyfriend and have brought everything BUT furniture.  He has one of those icky closets where you have to hang everything.  My old closet had shelves so I folded everything.  I loathe hanging things.  But alas I am doing so these days.  But of course there are a few things that can not be hung… I mean I suppose I could technically hang every bra and pair of panties (socks too) if I wanted to, but I am kinda a collector of panties so I think I would need every hanger in Walmart and a bigger closet.  I need someone to help me with furniture.  Pretty much everyone willing would require gas money which I do not have due to Christmas shopping.  One of the pieces of furniture waiting for me is a chest of drawers that will go swimmingly with our bedroom set.  But like I said, it has yet to be given the opportunity to swim.  So where are my panties?  They are in a laundry basket.  Every time I get dressed I have to dig around til I find the perfect pair for the day.  I have OCD and normally my panties are perfectly folded and categorized.  So the laundry basket situation is driving me crazy.  My Dad is supposed to help with this situation, the list of shit is:


chest of drawers

metal cabinet/closet

2 very large book shelves

a small white book shelf

a box spring (no mattress)

and then there are things here that need to go to where I used to live so that I can sell them because apparently where I live now is impossible to find.  I put ads out and when they try to come here to get them, they get lost and give up.  People should really get a GPS.  Like I said my Dad is supposed to help but I have been informed that his back is fucked up… I can carry my own but I can not carry and move all those things by myself.  Where is a body builder friend when you need one?

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