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Ode to yoga pants

I love going shopping with friends and family, and I even love to go alone.  I love those jeans that hug my ass just the right way.  But…  I could just live in my yoga pants.  I am very lazy and need to lose a bunch of weight.  I do not do yoga.  Why?  Because that shit is very hard, lol.  I mean people make fun of it, but I have done it a few times and I am telling you it will break you.  But back to yoga pants, I hate doing yoga, I hate all forms of exercise (trying to work on this issue) BUT, if the only way I could get a pair of yoga pants to wear in the house all the time, was to actually do yoga, I would be doing a union of myself with the supreme being, here people.  I would be all over that, arm-pressing posture.  yoga

I have two pair and two pair in a box waiting for me to get in to when I lost 20 pounds.  I of course want to run to walmart and buy 6 more pair of yoga pants that fit now and be satisfied and happy and comfy.  But I will not love myself for that later.  So I wear my 2 black pair and I just ate one, not two, not three, but ONE bowl of cereal so I do not wake up hungry in the middle of the night.  I had ONE bowl of cereal for breakfast and I had ONE sandwich and ONE serving of baked fries for dinner.  If ONE continues to be a popular number in my life, maybe I will soon have TWO more pair of yoga pants, but in a smaller size.  Or maybe the two pair in the box will be too big if I can master that position…


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