This shit is real and really crazy


i hate new yearsIt is 2012 right now, but less than 24 hours from now, it won’t be ever again.  We are all gonna stay up late and kiss someone or something for those crazy cat ladies.  And we will make promises and look forward to a new year and change and second chances and all that crap people spew every year.  But the truth is, we will wake up and start our diet the next day and the next day and the next day and eventually it will be new years eve again and we can start it then.  My holiday cheer has been crushed, smothered, and ripped out of my heart by a few people.  Male and female alike.  So when it is tomorrow and it is this whole new year everyone is talking about, I am going to be, not pregnant, still crazy and just as fat.  My book shelves will still be in pieces, my cats will still be bickering at each other, my ferret will still be taking a suicidal jump every time I open the door to feed him.  In 2013 every time I clean, a mess will follow.  Every time I fill my car up with gas, it will run out again.  My hair will still be shorter than I want it to be.  My cat, and my boyfriend will still fart so bad I will want to run away naked out in to the wilderness to find fresh air.  I will still hate the sound of my voice on video, and I will of course avoid every picture being taken and find myself behind the camera.  I will still want to look like my sister in a bathing suit.  I will still want to be as smart as her.  And I will still want to be as tough as my cousin Brandy.  My little toes will still be crooked.  I will still live in my yoga pants with a pony tail to complete the look.  I will still be looking for my thing that holds a weeks worth of my meds.  I swear I just saw it…. somewhere….   I will still only like songs by the beatles performed by other people, much to my person disliking.  I will still not have a hairless cat.  I will still be broke and sad and tired and one form of manic or the other.  I will still pray for the ability to concentrate long enough to read a book more than once a year.  And yes, I know they have meds for that, but I can not afford to be tested in order to get the meds even though all my Dr’s think I need to be on it.  Thank you drugging fucktards for taking away the ability to get, add meds, sudafed and fucking phenergan so I can stop puking when I take a pain pill for reasons a Dr actually tells me to take them.  Oh and lets not forget that they monitor how often I get a can of air to clean my computer… Dude, I have 8 cats, I need to get me some canned air more often than the average nerd.  I think it tastes bad when I accidentally get it in my mouth, so no I will not be inhaling it.  Yuck.  So, am I excited about 2013?  I was.  I am not sure why now.  But I am for sure, not excited now.  But hey, at least I get to get drunk. And maybe if I get drunk, my sex drive will rear its little head and take hold with a tight grip.  I so need to get laid.  I so need to want to get laid.  Maybe my new years resolution should be to like new years.

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