This shit is real and really crazy

Mom’s x-ray vision


So I very very often have dreams that my mom walks in on me while I am masturbating, about to masturbate or something along those lines.  Now this is insane because this would never happen because from a very early teen age, if my door was shut, my mom left me alone.  I mean she did not even knock.  When I started having sex I did not even have to lock the door, which freaked out a few guys along the way.  She just respected my privacy.  But none the less, I dream this over and over.  99% of the time I have something up my ass in the dream.  I scream at her to get the hell out, then I say get the fuck out over and over and louder and louder.  I finally tell her I am fucking masturbating and to get out of my room.  I have been having these dreams so damn long that they are starting to overlap.  I mean now when I dream it, I think, this is just like my dreams, I can not believe this is really happening.  Well one of these dreams were particularly special.  This time she did not knock or walk in on me.  She stood outside my door the entire time.  She watched.  In this dream, she could see through my door and always could.  She watches me move and contort and writhe in ecstasy which I have to say is way better in my dreams than it has ever been in real life.  All the sudden I realize she can see me and I freak out.  I can see her watching me, I guess at this point I can see through the door as well.  I start screaming to get out.  (I have told her many times about these dreams) so I start screaming, how can you do this after the dreams I had.  Get the fuck out.  I say it over and over and over.  She won’t budge an inch.  No matter how loud I get, no matter the threats, she just could not care at all.

I told her about this dream as well.  She just looked at me and asked what was wrong with me and pointed out how she has always given me my privacy all my life.  I know this, but I can not control my damn dreams.  If I could I would not dream that, I would dream that I keep masturbating and finish so I could have a fucking orgasm for once.  Cause usually she interrupts me before I get to that part in these dreams.  I really need to get laid.

2 comments on “Mom’s x-ray vision

  1. Nosebleedsandcandy
    January 3, 2013

    Do u think in your mind u want to get caught being freaky? Maybe you should just fuck outside once awhile. Chris likes the outside nature shit, I like the fear of getting caught. Try it, when it’s not to cold.

    • nosleepandcrazy
      January 3, 2013

      Yeah well I am not sure Jason would go for it. He is pretty … not…. adventurous. We did do it in the entrance way, right in front of the door with a glass window on it. I could tell he was quite freaked out when I met him at the door, pushed him against the wall and then pulled his pants down and sucked him off for a bit til I pulled him on top of me. I think with time he may try some new things, but when I met him he didn’t hold hands or even kiss on the cheek in public so…

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