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My Pubococcygeus doesn’t work

oh in ohio

Ever see the movie, “The Oh in Ohio”?  The basis if the story is this couple, and the guy knows he is a good lover, because his past partners had orgasms, not just orgasms but vaginal orgasms.  Pubococcygeus orgasms.

Definition is : the inferior subdivision of the levator ani that arises from the dorsal surface of the pubis along a line extending from the lower part of the pubic symphysis to the obturator canal, that inserts especially into the coccyx, that acts to help support the pelvic viscera, to draw the lower end of the rectum toward the pubis, and to constrict the rectum and in the female the vagina, and that contains bands of fibers comprising the puborectalis, the levator prostatae in the male, and the pubovaginalis in the female.

Anyways, in this movie, she has never had one.  They have been married for years and she has never had an orgasm of any time.  When I saw this movie, I had not had one either.  It is just a silly comedy but it led me to find the perfect vibrator.  But I can not have Pubococcygeus orgasm and this will forever bother me.  I have been having sex since 2005 and not once have I had one.  It drives me crazy.  Everyone tells me not to worry, it is very common.  But it is bad enough that my vagina is so tight it rips, my clitoris is tiny and my ovaries don’t work, but on top of it, I can not have a vaginal orgasm.  I can in my dreams and it is fucking awesome.  I want it to happen so damn bad, and wanting it to happen makes it hard to do anything.  If I get to thinking about it, I will obsess and end up not being able to get wet at all.  Sometimes while a man is inside me I let it seep in and I think to myself just relax, just relax.  Let it happen.  But nothing happens.  Every single time I have sex, if I want to get off, I have to let the guy finish and then get out my vibrator.  And even then, sometimes it just does not happen.  I will try and try.  But that whole tiny clit thing is a real bitch.  A friend, the one I slept with that pointed out the fact that my clit was small, says maybe I need a clitoris pump.  But I am too embarrassed to buy one.  Dear Santa… oh yeah, Christmas is over.  Sadness.  The sucky part is, well I feel bad for myself, but I feel even worse for my person.  I mean it must break their spirit.  And feeling guilty just puts more pressure on myself and that does not help it happen either.

4 comments on “My Pubococcygeus doesn’t work

  1. psychofab
    January 2, 2013

    It’s the worst thing ever when right after sex they ask you “did you come?” or “did it feel like you might?” because it makes the guilt kick in when otherwise you could just lay there and be satisfied that it didn’t suck.

  2. Nosebleedsandcandy
    January 3, 2013

    Frankie says relax. A Lot of girls are like this around the world. Chris hit her late 20’s before she came during sex, and she’s been fucking since grade school. If he is worried about not getting u off, tell him to do things that do get u too cum. Sorry your not cuming the way u want but it will probably happen sooner or later.

    • nosleepandcrazy
      January 3, 2013

      Yes I know, relax. But see, that’s the thing. Even when I get myself off with a vibrator, I can not get off if I relax. I had a therapist tell me to relax. All it did was make things unenjoyable for me. I can not have a proper orgasm without tensing up in every way til my toes even curl. Aaaah. Sounds good to even type about it.

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