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It’s not fair : Men VS Women… stubble

Here is just something I find that is not fair.  Men get all fucking lazy and do not shave their face.  And you guys actually defend yourselves over it.  Want to know what I think?  FUCK YOU.  First, you have a fucking jaw line to shave.  I have to shave under my arms, my legs from the very tippy top to the very bottom to my toes, and I shave my vagina clean.  And I am not skinny so it is not easy. skinny shaving

fat girlWhen you look like that, there are things… in the way….  Makes it hard to shave the vag.

Now I know I do not have to, hell I can pretend it is France, or hell… I can pretend it is the 80’s like some of my Dad’s old porn.  But no, I like to be clean shaven.  Not to make a guy happy, not to help anyone out other than me and my gynecologist…  I mean she never says thank you, but I know deep down she is thrilled she doesn’t have to searching through the jungle to find my pink parts.  And… OH AND!!!  If this is not bad enough, we have to shave ALL of that, plus pluck things which as a general rule you men do not find the need to pluck (but you so should) we have the added bonus of it all turning to shit in a matter of seconds.  You guys shave your face and you are good.  I mean if it is cold out, or if some touching moment happens or you get turned on by tender touches… you do not get goose bumps on your face.  Want to know where you do get goose bumps?  Everywhere else.  When you get a goose bump, each bump is on a hair follicle and when the bump rises, it pulls up the tip of the hair with it.  Which means if you shave and it is all perfect and you get out of the shower right as the A/C comes on, you might get goose bumps… All your hard work is ruined.  You are no longer smooth, you are … well not smooth.  You have stubble.  So next time your lady pal cuddles you and is not perfectly smooth, try to remember what you have learned from reading this… oh and all you had to shave was your damn jaw line.  It’s not fair.

2 comments on “It’s not fair : Men VS Women… stubble

  1. Nosebleedsandcandy
    January 3, 2013

    I’m sorry Caz

    • nosleepandcrazy
      January 4, 2013

      Lol… well when I dated a certain someone who had mentioned he hated hair on a woman’s legs, I shaved every single day. And if he was late, which he was pretty much every single time, I would shave over and over and over depending on how late he was. J boy did keep my legs very smooth.

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