This shit is real and really crazy

razor burns are better than being hairy…..

Ok, so … I said, if I were to have a new years resolution… meaning I had some sliver of faith in it, I would make one to have more sex this year.  Well depression had led to me not taking care of myself, as usual.  So I got a tad bit hairy… you know… from the waste down.  And seeing as how I want a baby and more sex, which is part of the baby thing… I decided if I was gonna do one thing today, well now yesterday, well I was gonna shave the vi-jay-jay.  But I had been not all right mentally for over a week so that meant not shaving for over a week.  I knew if I used my regular razor I was gonna itch for a week due to how many extra strokes it would take.  So I thought, why not use the electric one, but of course I could not use the one meant for that area.

shavorSo I went with the one that could shave a head.  This was brilliant, I mean one stroke and it was clean.  A few more and all of it was gone.  I was elated.  But I am not so skinny minnie that I can just stand up, see everything once furry and move on.  So I had to do this sitting.  Which led to some very very unpleasantness.  I got little tiny hairs INSIDE me!!!!!I spent the rest of the day trying to get it all out.  Amongst my many trips to the bathroom with a clean wash cloth…. the uh… well the redness came about.  Then not just red, but little scrapes and burns from the razor.  Ok so you basically got the picture.  Inside and out there was not happy.  For the most part by now, which is about 25 hours later, I am about better.  I mean the burns are there, but I barely notice them now.  But like I said, amongst all these things, I got the tingles… not bad ones, but good ones.  I got…  horny.  I have not been horny in almost 3 months now.  Just nothing, no hint of a sex drive.  My boyfriend has a low sex drive for the typical male, but trust me, this was not his fault.  I have just not wanted it.  I did not want to watch it, have it, or even dream about it.  Something about being in pain and knowing I couldn’t have sex, well it made it desirable again.  So for a very many hours, I teased my boyfriend.  I touched, I tickled, I kissed, I did it all.. cept… it all.  He played his game, Epic Mickey, til he was ready to kill someone.  But he finally beat it.  He as usual was not tired, but I was and I knew he had to get up in less than 5 hours so I told him to come to bed and watch tv with me.  This is my way of getting him to sleep.  He has yet to figure it out, but all I have to do is get him to turn on his show.  Takes ten or less to hear him snore.  Well I decided to go check out my new hentai, which was a sailormoon / dragon ballz one and I watched a bit of it before I realized this was very amusing, but not very sexy at all.  So I went and got one of the other new hentai I have bought recently.  It was funny as well, lol.  But it was animated very well and so it did the trick.  Me and my trusty candy cane vibrator knocked the old dust off and the cobwebs out and BOOM.  I do believe I am back.  I was kinda a bitch all day yesterday until I was too tired to be one and instead was frisky.  But I could be wrong, but that orgasm seems to have awakened me.  I feel happier already.  I feel no need to be a bitch.  I feel relaxed and wide awake.  So… I may very well keep my one and only new years resolution.

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