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Waxing for the first time…

how do i remove wax wax on hand waxy stuff

Well I should know better by now than to assume a few dropped pounds is a sign of the way my day will go…  Cause it just isn’t.  I was high on life, lost a few pounds, so why not go from there.  I had been meaning to try waxing my eye brows and a few other sketchy areas of my face.  My sister has done this in the past.  I love how fast it is as apposed to plucking one at a time.  The directions say, heat it for 90 seconds.  But never heat it more than 2 minutes.  So, I heated it for 90 seconds.  Then 30 more seconds and the top layer was still solid so I heated up more… surpassing the 2 minute limit.  Another minute later and it was liquid finally.  (There was a tiny thought before I ever stuck it in the microwave to put it on a paper plate, but I ignored such a thought)  So anyways, I reached in, picked it up and within less than one second, it was all over 2 fingers and a thumb… the stove, the handle to the stove… the floor.  I was about to say fuck it and throw the whole lot away but then I thought, if I throw it away (it will most likely melt through the garbage bag and get inside the actual can) I will have made such a mess and burned myself all for nothing.  So off to the bathroom I went… First I did the eye brows, The space between them was covered in a nice solid mass of wax.  I felt like what I would imagine someone just getting botox would feel.  Well it was cool enough to have not singed my eye brow area.  So, I went for the upper lip.  I bet you are expecting some delightful tale of the removal of my very lip which has led to me having to type about this because I can no longer speak properly…  But nope.  My eye brows are perfect, my lips are the lips of a woman with perfectly working ovaries and hormones and tah dah, it was totally worth it.  Not worth the burnt finger tips, or the mess in the kitchen that I have yet to figure out how to get off of my stove (I got it off the floor thanks to a facebook post from my neighbor) without scraping the paint off of it.  But at least my skin is smooth as a baby’s ass.

2 comments on “Waxing for the first time…

  1. Kelly
    January 4, 2013

    Damn you are brave! I wouldn’t wax anything, ever!

    • nosleepandcrazy
      January 5, 2013

      Well I can tell you I will be from now on, but I will be putting the container of wax on a plate before I put it in the microwave. Lesson learned. It is still all over my stove. It is off the floor, but I have not gotten around to the stove cause I have been in project mode and that was not a project on my brains list. Did several other things, painted one time round on my new bedside tables that I got at a peddlers mall and replaced a broken lamp, took back something and used the money to buy one more book shelf …. now I just need someone to love me enough to put it together for me. It and a few others.

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