This shit is real and really crazy

All tied up…


This is one of the greatest sensations I have ever known.  I mean don’t get me wrong, sex can be amazing without it, but when you get tied up and blindfolded, it makes every touch so much more intense.  Every breath against your skin is a surprise.  Your senses are more awake than ever.  Rather you are playing rough and get forced in to being tied up, or you are just relaxed and you lay there watching your partner tie you up, before putting on a blindfold, that part alone is incredible.  I have this issue where, when things get to intense I pull away.  This drives men crazy… I can not even explain it, it is almost like the pleasure gets so intense that I panic and think it will hurt if it doesn’t stop.  I always pull the guy away be it his hand or his mouth.  But, when I am tied up, I can not do that.  I can say stop, I can beg for it to stop, but he or she does not have to.  I am completely not in control.  To me, when pleasure gets going, I tense up.  I have heard a million times I need to relax but honestly when I tense up, it feels better.  And when I am tied up, I tense up and pull so hard that it hurts a bit, the ropes on my arms and ankles I mean, and that pain makes the sex even better.  I like a little pain sometimes.  I mean slow making love has it’s spot in my heart, but damn, sometimes I just want to get fucked so hard, it hurts to walk for a day.  But when I am tied up, it doesn’t matter what I want or don’t want.  It doesn’t matter how intense or soft it gets, I have no control at all.  Being tied up is incredible, but I have to recommend the blindfold cause then everything is a surprise.  Now I know you have to really trust your partner for this.  Well… I guess there is a whole new thrill if you do not know them or trust them well, but for me I need to trust them.  You can also use feathers, whips, toys.  Now for me, another person using a toy on me is very rare.  I do not know why, a guy asked to use one on me a very long time ago and I was not in to it, but we did it anyways and it just did not feel right for me…. but now that I am older I realize that was probably because of two things, at that time I had never masturbated with anything inside, only clitoral stimulation and I was also a virgin so it kinda hurt and it was his first time using it on me so he did not know when and where what pressure, etc. has to be learned for each individual person.  Or at least I would imagine it would.  I am still all about the clit when I masturbate.  I rarely put it in me.  But not cause I dislike penetration, I simply can not get off from it.  I am one of those girls who gets things over with lol.  I need to get back in to the habit of foreplay and then sex and some afterplay…  But for the most part, I am very turned on by my boyfriend, I get wet ridiculously easy (J man was the first to comment on how wet I got.  Apparently I am more wet than the average girl and considering I have a tiny vagina and a tiny clit, thank God something works is all I can say) and so I just kinda go, Ok, let’s do it.  But I have to admit, when it is over, I always want to go again and I have only dated one guy who could go more than once, and we only had sex once and that was the day I found out I was allergic to latex and spermicide so…. Yeah did not make my day.  There was one more guy, John, but the time he lasted 6 times, we just fulled around, waste up for me and hand jobs for him.  He came 6 times though… I was impressed.  But we only has sex once and we just did not go for it again that night, he left pretty soon after.  I was pretty glad he did cause he was amazing to make out with, but actual sex, he was very selfish.  I got him off twice, oral and actual sex, but he did not offer oral to me, nor did he even ask if I got off from the sex, which I didn’t.  God, I want to be tied up so bad now, lol.  Right now.  I am wet just from typing and thinking about all this.  Hope you are too.

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