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Hillview Haters

ImageI am here to defend the Walmart in Hillview.  Everyone I know hates it.  They go on and on about how horrible it is.  But every time I call a couple of Walmarts to see if they have something I want, in my color or size etc, the workers are very rude to me.  But when I call the Walmart in Hillview, they always go check on things, they let me return things that other Walmarts do not.  When I am there, they will go search the back room for things that are not on the shelves.  They answer their phones, they are polite.  I absolutely love that Walmart.  It took me around an hour to get someone to check for something in the back in the Ferncreek Walmart and this was after pages that supposedly happened, but I am not sure the person ever paged them.  Then I went and found someone and told them no one was helping and she tried to get managers and workers over the walky but no one would even answer her.  So she, this woman who ran the dressing room went to the back in search of a 5 shelf black bookcase.  She of course did not find it, but it was just a horrible experience.  No one wanted to do their job, cept her.  So I thought, you know I am just a couple of exits away from the Hillview exit, so I went ahead and took a ride over there.  I now have a black bookcase… just waiting to be put together by my cousin on Friday which means my photo albums can finally be moved here from my mom’s house.  Once again, Hillview Walmart saved the day… and they were very nice to me when I went in as well.

2 comments on “Hillview Haters

  1. Oz
    January 7, 2013

    Hey! How ya been? Should very back in touch with me… Can send you my cell if it’s easier……. Miss our lil chats…

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