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Quality time with a good friend

Ms. Pamber and I had a lovely day today.  She came over about 3:30 and we went out to eat.  I tried to invite my boyfriend, but he did not answer his phone.  He called right before we finished so he joined us at Mt. Washington’s Mungolion Buffet.  He ate as fast as he could, he got me two tassels they sold so I can use them to tie back our curtains that I have yet to buy, lol.  Then we came home and we played the game, Sorry and Jason kicked our asses even though through most the game he was losing hard core.  The we played Wii Life and he won again, lol.  But it was fun.  We played til Jason was falling asleep with the remote in his hand.  But of course, he was not tired…. in his mind maybe lol.  While we played, Ms. Pamber’s boyfriend called a few times, she put him on speaker phone and he listened to us play and he chimed in a lot.  Amber had 4 girls on the game of life.  He said he felt out numbered, lol.  My husband on the second game looked like my ex-husband, lol.  Dressed in black with long hair.  All in all and everything in between, it was a great night.  And this Friday my cousin is coming over to build some of  my shelves.  I am so freaking excited!!

2 comments on “Quality time with a good friend

  1. matt
    January 6, 2013

    glad you had a fun day, even though you kind of neglected your best friend.I forgive you though because im good that way.

    • nosleepandcrazy
      January 7, 2013

      Well get your ass out of bed in the morning and text me nonstop so I don’t fall asleep and drool on my Uncle while he puts my shelves together.

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