This shit is real and really crazy


This one needs A LOT of work


She was sitting in the corner of her favorite coffee shop.  She sat there every morning just after 9am.  This way the place was mostly empty and she could be as invisible as she wanted.  Invisible was not a word she knew very well.  She was born with polio.  She had braces on both her legs and used a cold metal can to keep her balance.  People always noticed her withered body.  Never her beauty, her naturally tan skin, her full lips that were pink and they never bothered to look at her beautiful blue eyes.  She felt peoples eyes on her everyday of her life.  She tried so hard to feel anything else, but she couldn’t.  They were a blur of stares, so she never noticed him.  He sat in the front of the shop facing the back.  She never looked up from her coffee and her book.  She was neat and tidy and very proper.  That was, until today.  Today it had been a sunny day for half her struggled walk to the coffee shop.  Without warning it began to pour down rain.  She came in to the shop wet and ?disheveled? and made her way to her table.  But today he was there, sitting in her seat.  She didn’t even see him till she slipped on the wet floor and fell in to his strong arms. He embraced her and helped her to her seat.  He walked away and she assumed he was gone from her life.  But seconds later, he handed her a scarf that was hanging with his jacket.  She didn’t understand so he took it back and began to dry her face ?with it?  .  Then she looked at him, it wasn’t his short stature that she noticed or his bent back.  It was his touch.  He took her face in his hands for just a moment.  Her desire awakened.  She wanted him.  And he wanted her.  He took her right hand, her course metal cane in her left.  He ?wielded? his in a way that made it obviously unnecessary.  They walked out in to the rain.  It was a gentle but steady rain now.  The sun now shined through the clouds and it looked ____________ .  Rays of light reached out and touched the earth.  The glow on her damp face made her more beautiful than any woman.  He stopped her, turned her slightly til she saw herself in a window.  This small window showed her what he could see in her.  She saw her beauty, and not her ___________ legs.  They continued their walk in the light sunny rain.  The door to her apartment could not have been more ?inviting or welcoming?  The door was barely shut before he _________ her.  Every button on her blouse being undone felt like ?a whole new sensation? They stood there bare and wet.  He helped her to her into her bed in a way that felt graceful and romantic and not crippled.  He ?undid? ?unhooked? her braces.  He leaned over and kissed lightly on her thin distorted legs.  As her blood rushed she forgot her frailty.  She was __________ He began at right above her ankles and slowly moved up approaching her knees which trembled.  She shuttered when his lips touched her thighs.  And then he was there.  He leaned in to her womanly flesh and used the tips of his fingers to expose her tender _____ He went down on her with skill that no man could match.  He used the tip of his tongue, hardened for the perfect effect.  He went fast at first, then placed his finger inside her.  Then long, slow licks like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day and never forgetting the perfection of his finger.  She had never been touched by a man in this way.  When she came, so did he.  It was her first time.  Her sigh shivered through her lips in a warm breath.  Her frail legs entwined with his strong crooked legs.  But there were no ?cripples? ?handicaps? ?disabilities? in this bed.  When he suited up her legs gently, he handed her his cane instead of hers.  He twisted the head til it came off.  Inside was a vibrator.  He told her never to forget her pleasure or her beauty. 

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