This shit is real and really crazy

Well… I am crazy so why did I ever assume my cats would be sane?


This is something new my cats are doing… as well as shitting everywhere too.  They never did this before.  No accidents at all.  Once or twice they stood on the edge of the litter box and lost balance, but nothing on purpose.  We have been to the vet a lot in the last two months.  This cat is bleeding, this cat is pissing on the floor, this rat can’t breathe, this rat has a tumor.  I have lost 3 rats in the last two months and today I found a tumor on my last female rat.  Her and the two boys have lice.  I am devastated over this.  They are my babies.  No one cares because they are just rats.  But I care.  I cry myself to sleep over it.  Or I want to and can’t.  Sometimes the meds make me in that state where you need to sneeze but you can’t.  Well sometimes I need to cry but the tears won’t come out.  But anyways, back to the cats.  We have taken them to the vet and bought vet recommended things and we have spent over $400 and still, there is piss everywhere. Shit in front of the litter box, shit in the basket of dirty towels, shit in the clean clothes, piss in the empty basket.  Keep in mind this NEVER happened before I moved.  So  while I lice dip my rats and scrub their cages to rid them of lice, I start to get overwhelmed.  Jason is being bitchy and I am snapping.  This is rare for us.  I call the vet.  She says the tumors on the female rats are extremely common and rare in males.  She is sorry but there is nothing I can do, I just have to care for her as well as possible til her weight drops and she can’t eat.  Then I take her to the vet and have her put to sleep.  So then I tell her about the cats.  The $100 wall plug ins that were supposed to make them all relax and not fight and not piss and shit everywhere is not working at all.  So she says, that it has to be a behavioral thing.  So now my cats, Vicious for marking his territory, Elliot because she is depressed for getting attacked all day, Boogie for attacking Elliot all day, Mackenzie and Exile for attacking Elliot and Beverly.  And then there is the mysterious shitter.  Now I know what you are thinking… has to be Vicious, he is the one spraying.  Nope.  He has been sick, he has blood in his stool and it has not been solid so he is already on meds for that infection.  Whoever is shitting everywhere is not sick.  So it remains to be a mystery.  I hope I never find out.  I hope that these fucking pills, which will total to less than $24 a month will make every single cat be calm and happy and not stressed because apparently a depressed cat acts out by fighting and shitting and pissing all over my new house.  I know what you all think too.  Just put them out, drop them off at the vet or a shelter.  Give them away.  But I simply can not do it.  My mom has told me many times a story about when I was potty training, I pee’d all over her couch, climbed behind the rocking chair, shook my little ass and said, “Ha ha ha, I pee’d on your couch, ha ha ha.”.  She did not throw me in the trash and I am still not ready and may never be ready to throw my babies in the trash.   I shit in her bath tub too… but I think most kids do.  My sister did while I was in the tub with her.

2 comments on “Well… I am crazy so why did I ever assume my cats would be sane?

  1. Undead Ahead
    January 23, 2013

    What a pain to have to deal with. I’ve never had a problem with my cat Val but after reading this I’m now worried he may get stressed one day and do this. UGH! I do have a puppy who’s difficult to house train though so I know how annoying it is to find little surprises around the houses. Hopefully all this gets better for you.

    • nosleepandcrazy
      January 24, 2013

      Thank you so much for feeling my pain. Yeah I am hoping it goes away. They just had round two of their mood stabilizers.

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