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Freedom of speech!!! I am not going to kill myself

If you do not like this topic, go away and read something else.  This is MATURE material.  I did not, I am not going to kill myself.  I have a lot of problems.  One of which is cutting.  The following pic is a pic I took of my own body.  I have read this sites policies over and over and over.  I am NOT breaking the rules.  It does not say anywhere that I am not allowed to post a pic of self harm, it simply says to offer the blogger help through commenting.  I have never tried to kill my self.  Yes, I have thought about it.  Probably will forever from time to time.  But I am highly medicated and so I don’t.  I have never even attempted.  BUT I am a cutter.  Quite frankly I enjoy it.  I had one of the worst days I have had in a VERY long time the other day and I cut.  I did it so I did not keep wanting to kill myself.  My life temporarily spun out of control and I could barely see or breathe and I needed a quick fix.  So I did this…


For those of you who have done this or do, do this… You know what it is about.  If you are offended, well I have the freedom to express myself.  It says so on the agreement on this site.  I have not broken any rules, I did not steel this pic, it is my body.  The damn site says I can post nude pics, but as you can see there are no vaginas, penis’, or tits in my pic.  No butts either.  So like I said, if you do not like this, then stop fucking reading it.  I never asked you to be my cutting buddy.  It is NOT child pornography or any thing close.  I am almost 31 here people.  My body, my choice.  Or does that only apply to killing fetus’?  Which do not assume by that statement that I judge you for doing it.  I am pro-choice here people, just making a damn point. This sites rules say I can be marked as mature material and this blog can be taken out of the regular posts and marked to where someone would have to specifically look for my writing.  So fine, my whole 14 readers, come find me or hate me or whatever but I got on this site because I am sick of censoring myself on Facebook because of the fact that my family can see and read it.  This is my fucking voice people.  Do NOT take away my damn voice.  I have the right to tell my story.  And whoever reported this last time and got it taken off, I bet you have seen all kinds of fucked up rated R movies that contain a lot more blood and sharp things than this.  I mean come on people, that was it.  It did not bleed anymore than what you see and now I have bandaids on it and neosporin so I can heal extra fast. 

8 comments on “Freedom of speech!!! I am not going to kill myself

  1. psychofab
    January 24, 2013

    OOO naked ankle. Scandalous!

    • nosleepandcrazy
      January 24, 2013

      Yeah… but don’t worry… the foot is covered. I had my sock on so… nakedness has been averted.

  2. Undead Ahead
    January 24, 2013

    I’m understanding this

  3. chubbymermaid
    January 25, 2013

    very bold post

  4. matt
    January 27, 2013

    good for you my sweet, by the way from the tiny bit i can see you have lovely skin, hope i dont offend but the pic did get me a little hot.

    • nosleepandcrazy
      January 28, 2013

      Lol… bow chica wow wow. I am harder to offend than that, if I can spend a couple of days with Jr, then I will survive. I am just glad you got around to reading them. I think I should have painted my toes and taken my sock off first lol.

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