This shit is real and really crazy

Why should I upgrade?

Ok so I now have like 14 followers and several of them are either related to me or have seen me naked so I can’t say they exactly count.  But I have recently come to terms that this is it for me.  This is what I want.  I want to blog.  Share my opinions with my voice screaming my truths.  I am censored by A LOT of things and people and this site is my voice.  And they constantly ask me if I want to upgrade to where I have to pay for a yearly thingy.  Why should I do this?  I have not even bothered to make my blog fancy… My sister’s is way prettier than mine and I have no idea how to make mine look like that.  Something about widgets or whatever.  So all this is free… why should I pay?  What makes it better and worth my money when my voice is getting heard by… you know… those 14 people?

One comment on “Why should I upgrade?

  1. chubbymermaid
    January 25, 2013

    i think about this all the time…I’m holding out.

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