This shit is real and really crazy

Conversations with Rob

You said tell a story, I want a dirty story

Sure.  Always good.  Might give me something to dream about.

But why dream about what you can’t have?

Cause it would be better than getting caught masturbating, or cancer or rape which is a normal dream for me.  Oh and being back in school.  ugh

I mean I would gladly give you my thick cock. But since I haven’t seen you in a while we will have to make out for at least an hour.  As you know I am a very oral man.  After the hour is up I will lick on your neck and slowly kiss down your chest stopping at each nipple rubbing my tongue around each one slowly lightly biting each one.

When I know you are good and wet I want you to touch your clit!  I want to hear you moan from your own pleasure.  And you will do it or I’m just gonna leave. I’ll just show you my thick dick and leave.

But I don’t know how.

You do know how don’t lie to me.

I really don’t know how to touch myself, can I use my toy?

After you moan I begin kissing your stomach slowly making my way down to your dripping wet pussy.  As I out your clit on my tongue you scream as I put my finger inside you, you fall to the ground I stay on your pussy til I make you squirt.  You beg for my cock but you have to tell me where you want it.  I flip you over anyways and I’m burying it deep inside you stretching out that tight pussy I pound it for a while while my finger is in your ass.

I pull my dick out and slowly put it in your tight sexy ass… god you’re ass is so tight.

I’m going to touch myself for you, for me, for the first time.  I’ve never done it.  I’m pure. you are dirtying me up.  i will just do circles.

Good I like it when you are dirty for me.

I want you to put your finger inside your pussy and make sure it is wet for me.

It’s not very wet.

Massage your clit with your first two fingers while I start to tongue your pussy.

I will do it for you.

I WILL NOT let you see my dick til you are wet.

What else will you do for me?

Anything you ask, master.

Pull my cock out.

It’s in my hands.  Takes two hands to truly grab hold.

Put it in your hot mouth, but DON’T stop massaging your clit.

You need to have one hand on your clit and one hand on my big balls rubbing them while my cock is in your mouth.

I’m not gonna fuck you until you make yourself cum… you want to fuck me, right?

Oh yes.  So bad.  But I am scared and may cry.

You probably will but it will feel so good it won’t matter.

Don’t suck too hard or I’ll just fuck you harder and longer on my second nut.

Maybe I deserve that.  maybe I want that.

But you better control your tears or I will pull my dick out and you will never see it again.

How wet is your pussy now?


You deserve a good hard violent fuck.  I don’t want you to walk straight tomorrow.

Please do it.

How does my dick taste?

So salty.  It’s so hard!

Remember,  no dick until you cum.

I just don’t think I can.

I will not help you.  You are allowed one toy to help you cum.  You have 10 seconds to take my dick out of your mouth and get a toy.  Take any longer than 10 seconds and I’m leaving… ready… set… go…




7, 6, 5, 4,

3, 2


Got it.  It’s a blue vibrator.

Lucky you.

Back in your mouth.

You want my first load down your throat, don’t you?


Good.  You know how to make yourself cum with that, don’t you?

Yes, more than once.

You just need one for me to put my dick inside you, but I’ll wait til I explode down your throat first.


Which hole do you want it in first?  This is your last decision.

My pussy first.  It’s hurting for you.

Just a little more then I will be ready for your tight wet pussy.

Hurry hurry!

Put your toy in your ass so my dick can get deep inside you.

OK I’ll slide it in slow, it’s wet from my cum.

Don’t rush me, your pussy pain is coming.

I’ll start slow but it will get hard and fast without warning.

This is happening.  I keep saying it in my head, but it’s a dream.

No dream here.  You are taking my dick hard as fuck… You like the way my balls feel as they slam off your ass.

I love that sound.

My balls are starting to hurt, they are slamming so hard… remove your toy now.

OK I pulled it off my clit.

I love making that sound.

I also love making you scream and cry for more.

I have never moaned so loud.  Ow!! OWE!!

Put it in your wet pussy while I fuck your tight ass.

OK it’s in there on high.

Your ass is so fucking tight!!!

You like having both your holes full??!!

I didn’t know til now but, oh, its so hard to take.

It’s OK.  Take it out of you.  I’m gonna finish in your pussy.


Yeah I’m gonna shoot this hot load deep into your pussy… It will be up to you if we go for a third round.

i cant take it anymore!

You suck, 2 and done, huh?

Yeah I’m watching videos trying to decide what to blog about.


And I guess you can tell by reading this, what I decided to blog about.  Never forget people you know, friends or otherwise can make for some damn good material. 

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