This shit is real and really crazy



Plus this….


Is a VERY good thing.

First off, I just want to point out that the second pic is a pic of a G-spot attachment and it is as big as my hands.  For the love of God, people… I have huge hands.  So I was a little frightened when I got this in the mail.

The first pic is a pic of my hitachi wand.  It is very fun but on it’s own does not get me off.  Now for most people, this WOULD get you off so do not, not buy it because of me.  And if it really does not get you off, well they have sorted attachments to make it even better.  I plan to order at least two more that I have seen.  So my friend Tara had been talking about this spot in me, I assume it is the G-spot so I got the attachment for it.  Now I have to say I think it worked, but I am not sure.  I have never had an orgasm from any any sort of penetration.  I have only had clitoral orgasms… and one from kissing, but that’s not the point.  So anyways I got this a while back but I was too tight to use it for a while.  I think technically yesterday it was still too soon, but the first time went OK.  And I did have an orgasm.  A good one.  But I have to point out that the curve under neath the G-spot rod on it pushes itself right up on my clit.  So maybe I cheated.  There is no way to be sure.  I tried again, but I just pushed it too soon and now I am quite sore.  But if I ever had an orgasm from penetration, yesterday was that day.  I will have to try again when I recuperate.  Right now I am gauging and trying to keep from coughing.  I have a cold and every time I cough it hurts and the gauge tries to fly out from force.

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