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Shively Animal Clinic… Worth the wait

Ok, so there is this one vet in Shively Kentucky.  This is where I go.  This is where I went when I was close and this is where I go now that I have moved and am, well…. not so close.  But at least I still live in the state.  Every time I go I meet people with all types of pets, and from all over the state and the surrounding states.  People go there from different states because they are the best.

Every time they have to have one of my pets put to sleep, and they do not do this unless there are NO more options, they send me a card with their sympathy.  They do not snatch your pets out of your arms to lead them to their doom of shots and meds if you dislike.  They have this thing called a walk back which means while the vets are doing surgeries and other sorts of things, they will walk your pet back to them for the simple stuff like a rabies shot and the like and send them back to you to save you time.

Now time needs to be saved.  If you have been there, then you know what I mean.  They open at 7am and if you get there at 6:30am, you will not be the first to get there to wait in line at the door.

For the most part I like Dr Mary Jane.  But so does everyone else.  She is hard to get and a long wait is looking your direction if you request her.  If I go in, I usually say I will take the first available vet.  Well I say this for my cats.  And now even for my rats.  I tend to have very exotic animals and Dr Mary Jane is the exotics pet specialist.  She will see dwarf hamsters, and snakes and turtles and every single other thing you can imagine.  And I have had most of what you can imagine.

If you are unfortunate enough to have to see them on a regular basis, they begin to remember you by name and some how they never forget.  I have recently discovered Dr Sarah.  She was my first available vet a few weeks ago because I had some sick babies, rats, and some upset animals, cats.  She was incredible and this lead to me requesting her specifically the next time I went.  And this is why I am writing.

Requesting a specific Dr leads to hours of waiting.  By hours, I mean hours.  I am not exaggerating.  When you arrive, you may be facing a 2-6 hour wait.  OK, so right now you are reading this and thinking, fuck that, I am never going there.  But do not forget the good.  Do not forget that people drive from other states just to get a rabies shot for their cats.  Any vet they have 10 minutes away can see a cat and give the cat a rabies shot.  But they are not Shively animal clinic.  There is not something special. Something special implies that there is just one thing special about them.  No, this is not something special.  This is, well they are epic.

I once went to the Jefferson animal clinic with a sick cat.  Why did I go there instead?  Two reasons, 1 simple one would be they were a lot closer.  The second is that an employee at Shively animal clinic had made a mistake.  Not a Dr, not a nurse, just a staff member that answers the phone all night long after the business is closed.  My guy at the time had found a little kitten who we named Bob.  Bob had walked up to Chris and refused to go away.  After having him just a bit he began to limp one late night.  So we called our vet in Shively and the man that answered the phone asked questions which led to his discovery that Bob had never been seen there.  He decided it did not matter than we were a faithful client of theirs.  He refused to call the vet on call.  He said to give him infant pain meds to help.  So we ran to the store and did so.

The problem was that he did not tell us which kind was good for cats and which kind could kill a cat.  I unfortunately picked the wrong one.  This lead to Bob getting very sick.  He barely moved and stopped eating and we were angry with our vet so after a few days of Bob, a kitten, just laying around lifeless, we went to a new vet.  Jefferson Animal Hospital.

When we walked in, we were delighted to discover one and only one person ahead of us.  This was so amazing.  A twenty minute wait and we would be with a vet.  Then as we sat there looking at the art and a statue of a little girl and a dog, and the fish tank we saw a sign that said, just to be seen, it would cost $75.  We had that, and unlike our vet in Shively, they took credit cards.  We had just gotten a $500 credit card.  So we knew we had enough.

They saw Bob and asked the normal questions and did some x-rays and sent us home with a few needles and a big bag of fluids that we were to pump in to his side twice a day for ten minutes.  They said he was in kidney failure and he would soon die.  They said there was nothing they could do, he did not have a chance.  Now if you read this, you are thinking, he just had a hurt foot.  But as it turned out the meds I bought at the local Meijers was poisonous to cats.   She pried his mouth open and showed us the ulcers on his tongue and told us they went all the way down his throat and in to his stomach.  They said we poisoned him.

So we went home and spent a couple of days putting an IV in him and pumping fluids.  He had a bag of saggy skin with fluid all the time.  It hurt him so bad.  He hurt to walk and was just as bad off as before, maybe worse.

When we checked out of the hospital, we maxed out our new $500 credit card, and we paid in cash more than $100 all for them to tell us all was lost.  After a few days of this, we decided to have him put to sleep.  After all that money, we did not have enough money to put Bob to sleep at Jefferson animal hospital.  So we went back to Shively animal hospital.  We went in with our tails between our legs and our angry faces on.  We went to have him put to sleep.

We got in faster than normal because when you are there to have a pet put to sleep they respect your pain and get you in fast.  But the nurse that saw us told the case to the vet and they informed us they could help him.  They said he did not have to be put to sleep.  They said he would have to be admitted and have his entire system flushed to rid his body of the meds their staff member had told us to get.

We were young and on our own and we were broke.  But they let us make a payment plan due to their mistake.  We spent the next 7 months, I think, paying this off.  They had us fill out a ton of checks and they kept them and cashed them as the time came.  They apologized for the mistake.  They made us feel better.  I am no longer with that person, but I still to this day go there.  They are still worth the drive.  They are still worth the wait.  Bob was dying.  He was not going to make it.

This was in 2006 or 2007 I believe.  Bob is still alive today.  My ex got him in the divorce but he keeps me updated on him.  He is very very large and he is very very healthy.  This is Bob.


I know you heard a lot of bad things.  But try to focus on the good.  Those checks we signed for them that they took and cashed as time went on to pay for Bob’s procedures, well all of them together did not even come close to the almost $700 that POOFED out of existence when we went to Jefferson Animal Hospital.  They gave up.  Said come back when you want to have him put down.  They told us he had very little time left.

But like I said, Bob is still alive today and is the biggest cat I have ever seen.  He sounds like a horse when he runs through the hall.  The pic does not do him justice.  You will just have to trust me on this.  So if you go, do go please.  But if you go, you make sure you ask questions to the regular staff and remember they do not have a degree, the Dr’s do.  Demand they call in the Dr.  Do not take shit from some random person that most likely just got hired a week ago and has no idea what he is talking about.  I live in Kentucky.  There is no better vet that I can find and even if there were, most likely they would not see exotics.  Shively Animal Clinic… worth the wait.

13 comments on “Shively Animal Clinic… Worth the wait

  1. Ross
    January 30, 2013

    wait, what pets do you have exactly?

    • nosleepandcrazy
      January 31, 2013

      I have 5 boy cats (Exile, Boogie, Sidney, Vicious & Shoga), 3 girl cats (Kenzie AKA Nam Kitty, Beverly & Elliot, 1 boy ferret (Kuna, as in the whole akunamatatah lion king thing, I did not name him but I liked it so I kept it), 2 boy rats (Mizer & Pervert), 1 girl rat (Mischa), and 3 boy gerbils (Lei, Cole, & Bubbles). That is all that is left now. I have lost a lot of babies lately. We have had some illnesses due to old age.

  2. cantueso
    January 31, 2013

    You write very well, but I cannot read you, because there are no paragraphs and so I keep losing my place.

    • nosleepandcrazy
      January 31, 2013

      Thank you for the compliment. I have heard that before. When I write it is just a blur of typing and all my thoughts. If you keep reading my stuff, I will try to put paragraphs in from now on. Grammar was not my favorite subject. But I need to take this seriously and work harder. Thanks for the polite push.

    • nosleepandcrazy
      January 31, 2013

      There you go, I added paragraphs. I can not promise I put them in the right place, but I do think you can read it more easily now. I did all my oldest posts already as well. You have given me a nice long obsessive project for my OCD to feed off for a few days. Thanks

  3. cantueso
    February 2, 2013

    This is wonderful. It is a very nice story, and I will come back, for I have read only the first third. I think the story should be broken up. The first part would be “The World’s Greatest Animal Clinic”.

    Next I don’t yet know, but might be “Oklahoma’s (or whatever State; I am in Spain, and I can think of only Ohio and Oklahoma 🙂 Kindest Veterinarian

    And maybe a smaller post: The Names of y Rats. Hmmm. I might wrie that post myself and call it “The Names of Her Rats”.

    In other words, I think this should be 3 or 4 or more posts on successive days!

    I see you cannot sleep, but I have not yet read what you say about that because

    can’t you see that you think you are crazy for some reason or other and the rest of us are actually going crasy because of too many things to do, so that according to many different stats, a reader gives a page about 28 seconds!

    • cantueso
      February 5, 2013

      Listen. I am sorry to say that WordPress was wrong in not marking this as mature or porno. I nhad never seen a thing like your “Conversation with..” I read about 30% of it. It is way off the beaten track. It is well written, extremely well, and not primitive in that regard, so maybe there is a market for it. I do not know anything about recent bestsellers in that regard. (shades of grey??)
      Anyway, I herewith say bye bye to you.

  4. cantueso
    February 5, 2013

    Forgot to say: of course I am not about to flag this as mature, and so don’t worry. BUt why don’t you open a second blog, have one for your animals and one for yourself — even if it is all the same to you?

  5. psychofab
    February 10, 2013

    Hey cantueso, in case you didn’t notice this isn’t a writing workshop. She writes this when she’s manic most of the time, which you’d know if you paid a lick of attention, and that isn’t conducive to writing a prolificly grammar accurate novella. Not only that, but the post you’re talking about isn’t the one that was flagged as mature and in fact was not mature in nature. If you have any further issues reading this blog, due to its content or organization, perhaps try and remember that you’re voluntarily clicking on it and using an organ that you control to scan back and forth allll the way to the bottom. I’m sure she can find a replacement reader who isn’t so full of themselves as to offer multiple paragraphs worth of unsolicited advice advice.

    • nosleepandcrazy
      February 11, 2013

      Thank you for saying it better than I could have possibly said it.

  6. psychofab
    February 10, 2013

    P.S. I miss Bob 😦

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