This shit is real and really crazy

Feb. 5th = 245 Feb. 9th = 236.8

Ok, so the title says it all pretty much… On the 5th I saw a nutritionist.  She gave me a nice lecture and the goal of getting to 200lbs.  She asked what my goal was and I told her 145lbs.  She seems to think this is not possible.  She asked when the last time I was that weight and I said 9th grade.  She says that might be too high of a goal to reach.  Bullshit.  I know if I do everything right, I will get there.  I will just have to prove her wrong.

Her goal for me is 200lbs.  I love this goal.  I made a promise to myself that when I get to that weight I am getting my nose pierced.  My sister is going to pay as a reward for reaching that goal.  I can not wait.

Last may, may of 2012 I was at 219lbs.  It was the lowest I had been in a million years.  I was extremely proud to say that I had lost 100lbs total.  But… I have pics of what I looked like the weekend I made it to that weight and I looked awful.  I hated and hate every pic of myself.  My thighs are still huge, so is my stomach.  Now I know that is a lot of progress but I am no where near done at that weight.

So, that was 219lbs and my Dr’s goal for me is 200lbs.  I seriously doubt that 19 more pounds lost is going to make me run around high on life doing the happy dance like a football player on crack.  So, like I said, I will just have to prove her wrong.

2 comments on “Feb. 5th = 245 Feb. 9th = 236.8

  1. scarednot2followhim
    February 9, 2013

    COngrats on the success so far! I’m right about where you are so you give me hope that I can continue going in th right direction.

    • nosleepandcrazy
      February 9, 2013

      If you make yourself, you can do it. I mean, trust me I would love to pick up the phone and order a large cheese pizza from papa johns. But I am not going to. I have to say no. Food is an addiction. But the only way to recover from an addiction is to say to yourself, NOT today. For me, I see a dr and the dr doesn’t take insurance so it cost me $125 the first visit and $65 a visit from then on. So, if I am gonna fork out all that money, you better believe I am gonna work my ass off, literally lol. I do not have the kind of money where I can take that lightly. As is my boyfriend is paying for the next visit as a kinda anniversary gift. I hope my Dr likes my progress but I am pretty sure she is gonna complain a lot about the things I have been eating. She makes me write down every single bite I take. I can only have one glass of milk a day. Other than that, it is water water and water. I am not allowed to have any soda, no coffee, no tea, no nothing…. but water. And if you write down every bite you take, it forces you to look at what you ate and I think I will continue to do this even if she says I do not have to because it reminds me to stop.

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