This shit is real and really crazy

Working out…

Ok, so I am fat and lazy so working out makes me want to kill someone.  But I am doing it.  My friend Tara comes over every day or night, depending on if she works and we work out.  She keeps me going.

I really have no idea what to call these moves we do, I am sure a pro would know.  But we do crunches and leg lifts with weights on our ankles.  We do ten sit ups… I know thats  pathetic but damn, I am fat people lol.  I swear its hard.  We jog in place and we march in place, each 7 minutes a piece.  I know that sounds like not a lot too but it gets my heart pounding.  We do the thing with the chair where we stand up and sit down over and over.  We do reverse crunches, or at least that is what Tara calls them where you lay on your back and pull your knees up to your chest and push your feet straight out and repeat that 50 times without letting yourself touch the floor.  We do tip toes.

If anyone has any suggestions we can do, please tell us.  We are working out at home so it has to be stuff that I can magically have.  I have a cardio rider.  It kicks my ass.  But that is is aside from the shake weight (yeah yeah funny funny jerking off a weight, fuck, it is hard though) and we have a 12 pound weight and two 5 pound weights and some stretchy thing to tone with.

I do not have a lot of room for equipment, and what I do have, it goes in the spare bedroom and if and when I get pregnant I will have to make the room the nursery so … I guess my cardio rider will go in to the garage then.  So if you have ideas of exercises to do at home, please comment. 

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