This shit is real and really crazy

The wall has things to say too, you know

Ok, so I do not know why or how… but the wall… it LIVES!!!!  Ok, maybe it is all dead like.  But it is making sounds.  I have NO idea where it is coming from… but there is this one spot to the right of one of my bookshelves that is making a whoosh sound.  It is like there is a cave down there and air is seeping through suddenly.  That is all I really have to say on this… and yes, I checked, there is no vent there. 

3 comments on “The wall has things to say too, you know

  1. psychofab
    February 11, 2013

    It’s fairys. Watch out or they’ll start asking for children’s teeth. P.S. have you seen that movie yet?

    • nosleepandcrazy
      February 13, 2013

      I think so, but I could use another viewing to really know what you mean. But I do vaguely know what you mean

      • psychofab
        February 13, 2013

        It has katie holmes in it and that guy from Memento

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