This shit is real and really crazy

Missing the point…

I am crazy as all hell and I have the emotions of a crazy person, I am high I am low I am high I am low.  I am never in the middle.  Most the time I am pissy about something or another, but as a general rule, people completely miss the entire point as to why I am mad. 

There are many many instances where this takes place.  But here is an example… This moron my boyfriend is friends with that I do not like very much but recently just decided to give him another chance… well he came over and used my computer and downloaded a bunch of shit to it including an entire D&D book without asking.  He also moved a piece of furniture and broke it in the process and is refusing to pay it back.  He says I am trying to extort money from him.  Whatever, the damn bookshelf cost $30 and if I were going to extort money from someone, it would certainly be more than $30 because lets face it, $30 is like nothing.  Blip on the radar.

I was mad over those two things and I had also recently told him I did not want him smoking pot on our property.  My boyfriend has never and will never do any type of drugs.  He is very innocent and I like this about him.  He is also very close to his parents, in terms of relationship and also in terms of location.  We are talking right across the street.  So if the cops got called because the evil creepy neighbor saw him smoking pot, it would be a very big issue. 

Anyways, I told him to not move my motherfucking furniture ever again and he was not welcome there until he paid us $30 back for the broken bookshelves.  He went off on a tangent about how he never broke them and they are cheap and break… yes they are cheap and yes they do break… but NOT on their own.  They do not wake up one day and say, “I think I will break today just to piss off Cassie”.  He moved them without taking the books off to get to a wall outlet and it busted it.  He didn’t even bother to tell us about it.  He swears he didn’t know but a damn bolt busted out of it and shot across the room.. I am thinking he heard that.  But you know, I am crazy so….

But like I said he missed the point, he went from saying I was extorting money to going off on some LONG tangent about pot and I was refusing him to medicate himself and then somehow it turned in to a pro-gun rant…. Here is the thing his dumb ass seems to have missed… I AM pro-gun.  My boyfriend however is not.  And it is his house.  This dumbass DOES have the right to bare arms, we all do.  BUT, my boyfriend also HAS the right to refuse anyone to bring a loaded gun on HIS property. 

Just want to remind you that these rants all came out of his dumbass baring even though all I wanted was $30.  I have no idea why he went off on pot and gun rants. 

Like I said, people miss the point when I am mad at them.

2 comments on “Missing the point…

  1. psychofab
    March 8, 2013

    There is no way I don’t know who this is lol and I’d say it turned into a gun/pot rant because he is obsessed. End of story.

    • nosleepandcrazy
      March 9, 2013

      Yeah… he also thought I was lying that Tara and Jason were pissed and on my side, and so Jason emailed him to show him I was not a liar. Jason’s email was brilliantly written too.

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