This shit is real and really crazy

The only time I didn’t give a 2 weeks notice is a very awesome blogger.  She wrote a while back about a job and how they were not so good to her so she left without a 2 weeks or any notice whatsoever.  This inspired me to write this, so thanks.

Back when I worked, I worked at a daycare for a few months.  This was my favorite job I ever had.  I loved every minute of it and would still be there to this day if my physical and mental health could have kept up.  But, because it was a day care, it was all women.  I have had a lot of guy friends and for the most part, I enjoy this more than my female friends with a few exceptions because men are assholes, but they are assholes to your face and women and two faced back stabbing lying bitches….

Anyways, when I worked there I had a few helpers that were just stupid.  I once got reprimanded because my fellow worker complained that I did not let her do enough work… who the fuck complains to the boss about this?  Jessica did.  And what the fuck kinda boss takes this complaint as a legit complaint and then lectures me?  My boss did.  I was blown away by this Jessica person.  She was crazy, and a bitch.  She was bipolar and was not on any medication and she did insane things while we worked together and my boss just kept accepting her word.  

She to my face would tell me all about her life, including her sex life and how when she slept with her boyfriend, he was a virgin and he didnt know he was supposed to clean his cum off of himself and he got a rash from the dried cum sitting on him for a day… yeah, she told me this… and then behind my back talked badly about me.  I thought we were friends.  I guess not.

Others began talking behind my back with her and eventually they were flat out lying to my boss.  Sandra who had A LOT of seniority over me told my boss that she was talking to me about something that needed to be done and she told my boss that I looked her straight in the face and said, I don’t care about anything you say, I do not have to do it. 

First of all, she had been there 6 years and I had been there less than 3 months so NO I DID NOT SAY THAT.  Second, the week after I quit this very understaffed daycare, (found out from a girl that really was my friend…  for a while) Sandra did not show up to work one day.  Due to it being flu season, budget cuts and understaffed partly due to my quitting, partly due to them not wanting to pay enough people, her not showing up caused a large problem.  She also did not call in.  The next day she came to work expecting to have a job… a job which she found out she no longer had.  I guess Sandra was not as awesome and trust worthy as my boss thought.  Guess I was not the liar.

I was very sick from this job.  I was in the nursery with the most beautiful babies… all of which puked on me, snotted and coughed on me, and a few other not so lovely things.  I was not grossed out by it, but my immune system was.  I worked there just a tad over 3 months and in that time I had pneumonia 4 times, pink eye, the stomach flu, and several other upper respiratory infections.  I was in and out of the hospital.  I really loved that job too… not so much some of the insane screaming parents, but the kids were amazing and I loved them with all my heart.  

The day I was reprimanded for “telling” Sandra that I did not have to do anything she said was the thing that pushed me over the edge.  I drove home sobbing.  My fiance told me to quit.  I said how can I?  What about the money?  He said it was not worth me being this unhappy and getting treated this badly.  So I called and quit.

I had never quit before so he wrote down on a piece of paper what I needed to say, I read it to the assistant manager and hung up the phone. 

I was desperately saddened that I would never see those kids again.  I knew some of them loved me as much as I loved them.  I was the only one who took the time to get each of them down for a nap as apposed to just leaving them in a bed in the dark for an hour.  Some liked to have their butts patted hard til they fell asleep, some needed a blanket to cover their eyes, some needed to be rocked and some were good on their own.  All the other employees just stuck them in the bed, turned the light off, turned on a cd and ignored them all crying. 

I can honestly say I was the best worker they had, they were just too blind and too dumb to see it.  They believed all the gossip and I was too scared to defend myself.

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