This shit is real and really crazy

I gots a smile on my face :)

So I am on a new medicine.  I love it.  I was on serequil xr.  It caused weight gain and I could not get enough sleep.  I slept all the damn time.  I now see a nutritionist.  She wanted me to get off of it for those reasons.  So I brought it up to my psychiatrist and she said no problem.  I tried it out and now I sleep well and I wake up easily.  I no longer want to kill Jason and Tara for waking me up.  I no longer walk around like a zombie for half the day.  I feel really good.  I feel at peace.  I also stopped taking one of my meds, well not completely because I took one at night and one when I wake up.  Now I just take the one at night.  I still feel great.  I was scared it might make me suicidal.  Cause that is what the med I stopped taking was for.  But no.  I feel great.  I feel happy and peaceful.  I will see my Dr.  next month.  She will be so happy that I took her advice and changed meds, but she will be extra happy cause I am on one less than last time. 

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