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I do apologize … Good bye Georgia

I do apologize for not blogging.  My computer died.  So many things have gone wrong to lead to this now being over a month of not having one.  Every time I get a new computer or new parts, there are about 3 people I can ask for help from and they all like newegg or nuegg…. however you spell the site’s name.  I always tell them to try another site, but it has the best deals so there you go using a site I said is not so good. 

First it died and we ordered the power supply (Which is what went all bye bye) from the site I do not like.  Shocker when it came in, it didn’t work.  While the computer was at our friends house all dissected, his dad stepped on another piece so that part had to be ordered (dont worry he paid for it)

So Jason was trying one night over and over to order the parts from the site I do not like, but every time he tried to pay, it would NOT go through no matter how many times he tried.  So that night there were no new items bought.

Then on the 30th, which was my birthday, we went shopping.  What girl doesn’t want to go shopping.  My goal that night were new pretty panties and bras due to recently breaking another bra (if you want the story of how I break bra’s please look to older posts) and after one store, the bank called him to ask if he had been in georgia… we had not so they informed us that someone stole his debit card information ($450 gone) and so they had to freeze his account.  Well needless to say, there was not a lot of shopping after that lol.  Thank God for the store, Ross in Jmall cause I found really pretty bras in my size for $6,  Hells yeah!!

Well the account was frozen until he got a new card and went to the bank to fix it.  Well hre finally got the card and it is working, but guess what uisn’t working?  The website I fucking hate… I bet you are shocked that that is what happened ;p 

Jason doesn’t know what to order, that is Derek’s department so stuff has still not been ordered.  I know I know, what it sht ehold up now?  Well Jason had been working from 7am to 4pm every day, but walmart once again said fuck you and now he is on 4pm to 1am.  What does this mean?  It means he is at work when Derek is available to order things….  so thanks to my best friend person, Tara… I have the opportunity to write this all to you.


Ps, There is a new friend position to fill… My friend from Georgia I have been devoted to for 3 years once again decided to remind me of things that will send me to hell, sodomy, same sex relationship and for a while one day he went on and on about how people can not be faithful to God in a modern life because God is not modern, he is … well I am not sure.  I am really not sure that God really wants us to take a step back in time to  be faithful to him (side note, my not so friend was texting me this so apparently there was texting back in 1300 BC)  In my opinion, God made us who we are and he has given us the brains to develop to the point we have today in 2013.  I do not believe being gay is a sin.  I am bi-sexual and I spent 4 years in high school getting told every thought or action or out fit or dark nail polish or dreams so sexual thoughts or anything a long those lines would send me to the firey hell for all eternity. 

First off, I am at a better place in my life than I have ever had.  I mean maybe as a toddler I was happier but I can not seem to remember those days with full accuracy so I am just gonna say I am happier now than ever.  I am at peace finally.  I am losing weight and eating very very healthy.  I am putting money in savings every month so Christmas will be a very simple thing this year.  I prayed to God the other night because I ate more than one serving of frozen yogurt.  I knew I would be up a pound when I got up the n ext day.  Nope I lost 2 pounds. 

I am with the love of my life, Jason.  I am sure God gave me him.

I have a wonderful friend living with me, Tara who I can not get enough of.  We really connect in a way I have not felt since a certain 2 friends that I am trying to forget (Tara (orginal Tara & Ashley)  New Tara is the one I live with now. 

I feel very blessed.  I am in love, I feel a calm and a peace that is new and very lovely.  I have money in the bank, I am chipping in my money to the bills to help my boyfriend, I am hoping to take my friend Tara to go shopping for underwear ( i assume underwear cause her dog keeps eating hers, lol) and my bestie’s daughter, Destiny is having her birthday this weekend… Please keep me in your prayers, or thoughts or vibes, whatever you believe because the birthday party is at Chukee Cheese where free pizza will be provided O_o… I will try to be as strong as I can.  Just hope oatmeal will still taste good when I am surrounded buy pizza… dun dun dun

When my sister reads this, she will be thrilled that I am no longer friends with the man in Georgia.  She hated him.  Why did … does she hate him?  Here is a brief list, I got a friend to flash me at a party, he said I deserved to be beaten unconscious, he tortured animals in the past, he beat his girlfriends, slept with a 16 year old when he was in his mid 20’s and lets not forget that he tries to force his beliefs to gays going to hell. 

I told him how happy I was, and how I knew God was there for me and that he answered my prayers every day almost and I gave him a list of proofs.  He replied, “I don’t know you” and When I said if he didn’t know all of this already, he was not paying any attention for the last 3 years.  To which he replied that our friendship never existed, that it was a lie.  Well I texted him back, Good, then there is nothing to end.  If it never existed we can not really end, now can it?

It was annoying a lot of the time anyways, he was jealous of my relationships with Tara and Nathanial.  He was always taking jabs at them because I spent time with them.  Well yeah, that is what you do when people you care about make you laugh and feel good, you of course want to spend time with them.  Plus, as I mentioned, he lives in Georgai, I am in Ky… not much I could do about it. 

As my mom says, there are friendships for a reason and friendships for a season.  I think our season just changed.  Maybe I like spring after all.  Sure is looking pretty outside and in my heart.

Also… off topic here, I know… if anyone finds my sex drive, please return it to me.  Thank you.

3 comments on “I do apologize … Good bye Georgia

  1. Amber
    April 13, 2013

    Damn Computers and their complicated parts and such. Hope u get a new one or the old fixed soon. Lovez ya. I couldn’t sleep so I finally checked my email! Yay. That like never happens. Lol. Can’t wait to see u Sunday at Destiny’s Bday Party! Big hugs. I’m gonna try and follow your blogs more.
    -Amber (aka Bestie)

  2. matt
    May 10, 2013

    wow.I really thought i meant more than that to you..but no, all those years you spent loving me intensely and crying for me and fighting for me all comes down to what? I thought you were rare, that you were someone who would always be there for me, and for three years you were, and you always believed in me, you always believed deep down i was something beautiful, that your friendship with me was beautiful and that our bond was unbreakable..we went through too much for you to piss on everything, and you cant fathom my heartbreak seeing you talk about me the way you do, like im some sort of villain not worth everything you once felt for me..some fucking devotion.

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