This shit is real and really crazy

I know, I know…. Trust me, I miss

I still do not have a computer.  My boyfriends has died so well, that the guy who built it can not figure out what is wrong.  Parts have been ordered and nothing good has come of it. 

I have decided to stop seeing my nutritionist.  She still will not give me diet pills even though I am taking 2 less pills a day now.  So why would I go and give her $60 to look at a notebook with my daily lists of food i ate.  I mean I can show anyone my notebook and I am sure they would love to have me give them $60.  Honestly without the pills, she is completely useless.

Now she did give me B-12 shots and those were nice I guess, but with the letting go of some meds and one new one coming, I do not sleep 17-20 hours a day and I feel great. I have no one to share my awakeness with seeing as how they are on the normal people juice and they have jobs.  Someone come visit me, lol.

I have read a bit, I can not remember if I mentioned this last time.  I read the perks of being a wallflower and then i bought the movie and watched it.  Then I read the particular sadness of lemon cake.  2 damn good movies in a roll.  But honestly I think I love the one I am reading now even more than those combined.  It is called the house of the scorpion. 

I have not gone to bed so far, I guess at this point I will just stay up and go to bed early tonight.  I went to Meijer, and Kroger and walmart and feeders supply and bought nothing.  I simply wrote down everything I saw that I or my boyfriend or roommate use.  Now I just have to line it all up in an organized manor so that I will know who has the best deals, but of course first I have to go to a few more places. 

As for the change in my diet, my day has had nothing but cereal in it, lol.  I missed milk and cereal so damn bad.  So I just kinda had cinn. life cereal for my 3 meals.  Also it is nice to eat when I am hungry and not when an alarm on my phone goes off every 4 hours.  I plan to drink a little Dr.pepper (my favorite soda) here and there again.  If I lose more weight on my own diet as apposed to my $60 doctors, I am gonna want a refund lol.

Oh yeah… I almost forgot, I have thrush.  That is a bacterial infection on your tongue and throat.  My new meds to help me sleep cause dry mouth.  I can promise you this, not a joint in the world can cause this much dry mouth.  My lips crack all the time and when I wake up I have no moisture in my mouth so I have to go straight to the bathroom and swoosh water in my mouth. According to one site on the internet, thrush can be caused by any imbalance in one’s mouth.  My dr said that basically, it is a yeast infection of the tongue and throat.  Fear not, I shall live thanks to my dr.  I have goopy thick milky fruit flavored stuff to rince and swallow 4 times a day.  I shall live.

I had to escape a kroger invasion the other day lol.  Me and Jason went to Kroger to get mothers day cards and gifts and as we waited in line and were about to be the next one, I figured out why the cashier looked familiar… stinky brian.  I met home one time, he came to my house when I was living the single life.  He smelled HORRIBLE.  I didn’t think I would ever get the smell out of my pillows which he kindly sat on 😦    He also molested me over and over and over while we watched the movie, the mighty ducks.  I kept telling him to stop touching me, to keep his hands out of  my panties, off my crotch and he even  forced a few kisses.  GROSS!!!  And yay me, he seems to work at my boyfriends kroger.  I have never met anyone that smelled that bad.  My sister used to ride the bus and come home all sweaty from no air in school and on the bus and a dip in the pool did wonders…I can not tell you how unsexy i smell after cutting the grass… I could cut miles of grass, sleep in a school bus for an entire summer and forget the existence of water and deodorant for months and still I am positive I would still smell better.  Elephants poo better smelling stuff.  Ugh… oh well.  Such is life.  I may just have to be more choosy as to which line i get in at krogers, lol.

Now that I am on the right meds, and I know the dry mouth thing is a bitch, but I am HAPPY!  I sleep for a normal amount of hours, I stay up later than Jason at night and then I am up early enough to hang out with him for a few hours before he goes to work.  Dry mouth is worth it.  Goodbye serequil xr.

A recent project I accomplished was writing down every single dvd and blu-ray in my house so that I can be sure not to buy things more than once (which I currently have about 10 things I have doubles of) and also I can surprise my peoples with gifts that they do NOT own.  Oh to dream of having a photographic memory………sigh…..

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