This shit is real and really crazy

My DVR be imploding, yo… and my emails… and my comments on facebook…. Help me pweez!

Ok, so still no computer.  I know there are few people out there that actually like reading my blog.  So for you, I am sorry.  The builder of the computer/Jason’s best friend Derek gave up.  He had Jason order new parts and more new parts.  So Derek gave up and gave us an address for someone who might be able to fix it.  That guy says we need a new case.  Could that be it?  Could all of these issues have spawned from a deadbeat case?  Well there is only one way to find out, we have to tell the guy to order a new case and go forward from there.  One can only hope.  I never did like that green case anyways.

The lack of computer is why I have so many emails that yahoo stopped counting them.  It now says I have 9999+  People have commented and posted on my facebook wall.  I am missing it all, all the funny and all the drama.  Now don’t get me wrong, I check in with the peeps that mean nothing and the peeps that mean everything just to try and stay current.  I gots my eyes on you… beware… I can be very scary…. I am serious.  I can, I just don’t want to right now. 

And then there is the DVR.  We have two, one in the living room and one in mine and Jason’s bedroom.  It records 2 things at a time.  Yet there are still things I miss.  But at the moment the big issue is Trueblood.  See, it is all Anna Paquin’s fault.  If not for her, I would be all caught up.  I decided to introduce Jason to the most bad-ass of shows, Trueblood.  His first innocent mind simply commented on the over abundance of sex and nakedness.  I believe I may have mentioned to you before that Jason has not got a very big sex drive.  Which lately my loss of any thing sexual in my heart and pink parts has left me cold and chaste for about 2 months.  So this time my friends, it is NOT Jason.  It is all me. 

But back to the whole Trueblood talk… After he got over the booby factor, he began to enjoy it.  He laughed and laughed.  I could not believe it.  I am so happy that he likes one of my favorite shows.  Hells to the yeah, bitches.  But you see, it is one of my favorites and Jason likes it so we kinda started having marathons.  Also we have been watching North and South on Netflix.  So needless to say, we are very very behind on shows

So I started watching shows in the bedroom with Jason on our DVR. I wish I could remember exactly what made him laugh so hard he was blood red, but it seems to have slipped my mind.  But I guess the uncontrollable laughing had its’ price because he passed out soon after and so I thought about going to bed… I mean I really thought about it. But then I came up with things more amusing than sleep.

I mean pretty much everything is more amusing than sleep.  If I could survive with no sleep, my eyes would be open forever, aside from blinks… I mean it would be weird if I stopped blinking….

Well since I decided not to sleep I decided to do laundry, catch up on shows and give myself some girly time.  I painted my toes, nails I mean.  They are purple with purple sparkles.  I shaved the legs and a few other areas, put lotion on my legs and arms and did a treatment on my face to shrink those pores and then put lotion on my face.  I am smooth and softer now.

I never give my self girly time.  I clean up after everyone, I take care of my pets, I shop for said people and furry things.  But I rarely do anything for me.  I think I will have to give myself some girly lovins because I love how smooth I feel and how soft.  I mean it might be nice to make my feet all soft and smooth.  And I really need to pluck my eye brows. 

So I have been watching my shows.  At the moment it is Beauty and the Beast.  I know I know, I am too old for fairy tale shows on the CW channel.  But I just love it. 

And for those of you who care about my diet, well all I can say is it is so different.  I can now drink milk when I want.  And I have orange juice with breakfast some times.  But the milk is where I have indulged so much.  But now I need to just be normal and balanced and eat something besides cereal lol. I guess I just had to make up for lost time.

Oh and the odd but very awesome working thing in my life that is new… My ex-husband is now kinda sorta my trainer.  I needed someone to teach me work out routines and I needed someone to bust my ass when I quit or put it off til tomorrow… and tomorrow… and, well you get the point.  I told him I will buy him a game every time my pants size changes… for the good of course, lol.  I am in 18’s now.  Looking forward to seeing some 16’s in my closet.  I have a pair of shorts hung on the wall in the bedroom that are the size 16.  I am hoping that the fact that they are there will inspire me to get in to them, lol.


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