This shit is real and really crazy

From best friend to a sad little boy that can’t get his way

Well I have tried to be the mature one here, but my ex-best friend is an asshole and he keeps posting Bible verses and his own words about how anyone who is bi or gay should .. well he basically says they should stop and be not gay anymore.  We need to stand up with our Lord.  As I have mentioned before, I am bi.  Matt is partially bi as well, he fucked around with one of his (boy) friends when he was younger.  I guess that doesn’t count some how now. 

He ever so often gets on some religious high horse and thinks his soap box is the only place to stand if you want to get in to Heaven.  I just want to point out some other things the Bible he loves so much says.  It says that you should never have sex with a woman on her period, for if you do, you will be dirty for an entire day and he should not go in to the house of God.  Ah, now Matt I do believe you have told me numerous times that you have done so.  The Bible also says that a man should not have anal sex with anyone, be it man or woman… Whoops… Strike 2 for Matty boy. 

You are also not supposed to have sex when you are not married.. oh dear.. I think he might have done that too… some of his age, some just a tad bit younger… by tad I mean underage.  He also beats women.  And his favorite thing to do is to hurt people when he can not get his way because he is a spoiled child that mommy won’t hold anymore.  God also says, according to the Bible that a man should never spill his seed, for it is better to lay with a whore.  Oh damn Matt.. that’s another strike.

I am very happy to be who I am.  I am bi.  I recently pointed out to Matt that if God hated me for who I am, he would not have put me in a place with more peace and happiness than I have ever known in my life.  I am still bi… so… Yeah I think God likes me just fine.

I thought about ignoring the dumbass but he just keeps posting shit on facenbook to try and hurt me which,  just so everyone knows is a fucking joke because I know what he is doing. He can’t make me grovel at his feet and beg him to forgive me and my sins and be my friend again. 

News flash to him, I had been falling out of like with him for months.  He is a jealous bastard that threatens women with violence.  He told me on many times that he thought if we lived in the same state that we could be as one and be happy.  Fuck that shit.  He is a fucking bigot.  He judges people.  By the way, the Bible says a few things about how we do not have the right to judge others.  I just do not care.  I am honestly not bothered at all.  I feel better now that I do not have to stroke his teenage ego. 

I really put off the whole not being friends thing because I thought that even though it would be a very healthy decision to not be in his life, I thought I would miss him and cry and pray that I could get through days without him.  Well well well… none of that happened.  I feel so much better.  I was gonna be the bigger person, but he just will not stop.  He clearly needs some attention cause he is 5 years old after all.  I have shed no tears and I have had no regrets for ending out friendship.  Instead it was a relief.  I can not believe that he hurt me so much back then… well now he can’t. 

Does not mean he won’t try and try and try and .. FAIL again and again.  I am laughing at you, Matty dear.  I feel nothing but pity for you.  I hope you find help.  I just want to point out something to you.  You always said, over and over that I was all you had, that everyone else had left you… and now I have left you.  I just want to point out to you that you are the common denominator in the world of losing friends and family, where you reside. 

I always said one day we could see each other in person, but I always knew I would have to come to see you and not the other way around because I was too afraid if I did not give you enough attention, that you would kill one of my pets seeing as how you have done that before. 

I am sorry to tell you this, but at some point you need to accept your fault in all of these scenarios and either know you will be alone forever.  your grandmother will not out live you, so what happens then?  You can not hurt me anymore.  Try to hear that last sentence.  Try to hold on to the truth of that sentence because I know how fucked up your mind is and you will think this is me lashing out at you with my anger… nope.  I feel sorry for you.  I am kinda embarrassed that I once needed you so much. 

Grow up little man.  Your belt size only makes you feel like a man.  You pushed me away with your judgement.  I would have never stopped talking to you if you had not thrown God in my face.  I live with my friend Tara.  She is wicken.  She has not thrown her beliefs in my face a single time, and I have respected her and not thrown my beliefs down her throat.  I believe what I believe.  I have no proof that I am right.  Until God himself walks in my front door and tells me I am wrong, then I am going to believe what I believe in.  So will Tara.  Chris will continue to be an atheist and Nathanial will never believe that there is a hell. 

Peoples differences make them more interesting, they bring more life to relationships.  All you brought was hate and manipulation.  You lash out because you know you lost me and so you want to hurt me. I am not Alexis and I am not you.  I am at peace with my decision to cut out the poison in me life that was you.  You haven’t the words to type to me anything that could actually hurt me.  I wish no ill will toward you.  I hope you find someone one day that you do not try to condemn and hurt physically and emotionally.  I doubt that will happen, but I will pray for you. 

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