This shit is real and really crazy

If Dr.Nigam won’t give them to me, then I will huff and puff and order something I heard about on the radio…

Today is the day, I guess.  I mean it is as good as any.  I went to a nutritionist that my friend goes to.  But she would not give me any supplements.  She said she would if I would get off of one of my meds, which was serequil XR.  So I did. But she did not keep her word.  Well I just stopped going I can not give her my money for nothing.  So I canceled my appointment.

A few days after canceling my appointment, I heard a commercial on the radio.  It was for Final Trim with Konjac root.  I just took my first pills.  I got two bottles for free, as a trial.  After that I will have to cancel or not do anything and I will them in whichever amount I want to pay for.  Of course, they are cheaper the more you buy at a time.  If they work, they will be worth it.

The commercial said that you take two a day.  Not two for every meal.  So that was a refreshing thought.  It also said that if you start to lose weight too fast, to stop taking two and start only taking one.  I do not know about my chubby bubby readers, but I WELCOME the chance to lose too much weight for a while. 

I recently came to the idea that seems to have left me and every plussy in the world in the dark.  How many times do you see men and women saying, “I would do anything to be thin.”  Common, you know you have thought it just once.. or maybe a million times.  And what did you mean by “any”?  Would you kiss a cow on the lips?  Sell your soul?  Would you give any amount of money to get to that size you have in your head?  Would you jump on one leg for a half hour?  Would you …. Wait… would you, oh I don’t know… Would you, diet and exercise?

Oh my hell people, I feel so dumb.  I have said it a million times.  “Anything” has fallen off my lips more often than I care to admit.  I would do anything to be thin, skinny, less curvy, pretty, but I was a moron.  I can be all of those things.  If I am willing to do anything, it will happen.  I hope someone reads this and it reaches in to their brain and just pulls that little chain that is attached to a light bulb that is well, brighter now than yesterday. 

Ok, so I have decided to do “anything”.  Now now, there will not be any pics of me getting tongued by a cow, sorry I reserve that for Jason… well except those sneak attacks from my friends dog… Ew… Just do not ask, you do not want to know. 

So I am gonna do it.  That “anything” word is happening.  My x-husband is going to help me with the workouts.  When I met him, he was training to be a wrestler.  He was fit back then.  He was so strong and fierce.  Well, how did he get that way?  He was quite over weight in his past.  From being a kid to an adult.  He workout almost every day.  He is now handing down his workout mojo over to me.  I am working out at least 45 minutes a night, but usually about 2 hours.  We text and I tell him how I am doing and he tells me what to do next.  It sounds weird, but if you knew me, you would know that I do not lie.  I despise lying (aside from a little white lie that keeps a surprise present unknown).  So he tells me to do it, I do it. 

I have never worked out so hard in my life.  I am pushing myself to do things I have never done before.  I am doing push-ups, girl ones but still, I am doing them.  Right around #27 of each set I face plant in to the carpet, but I get back up and I do the rest.  I can do a lot of wall push-ups.  I do squat thrusts a lot too.  Lots of crunches and a lot more sit-ups than I have ever dreamed of.  I had never done more than 12 and now I am doing almost 90 each night. 

I am also eating way better.  My Dr had me eating very often, every 3 1/2 to 4 hours.  I was always having to eat when I was not hungry, and I never got to eat when I wanted to, like when Jason got home from work.  He would come home hungry and have to wait patiently because he is kind enough to not make me eat alone.

I have been told, now I do not know this for sure, but I have been told that when your stretch marks go from red-ish-purple to white, that means you are losing fat and allowing the skin to come back together.  Well my thighs be havin some white marks on me, yeah baby.  And if I am wrong about that… please let me know.  It will kill my happy bubble but I will recover and work harder to make them whatever color they should be.

Ok, so I never went to bed last night.  I got all projecty and I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  The house has never been cleaner I can assure you.  So I took my new pills about a half hour or so.  But I have not slept so I can not tell where the jitters are from, be it from staying up all manic like, or the pills, or maybe both.  Either way, I am feeling ok.  

I wanted to take them with breakfast as they are recommended and a couple of hours ago was  my “breakfast” meaning it was the first meal I ate after the sun came up.  

So, I am going to continue doing “anything”.  I will be eating healthy and working out and taking the pills.  I will also be pampering myself a bit.  Paint my toes and file my nails and be sure to put stuff in my hair to avoid the frizz.  So we shall see.  Oh and of course, a good old milk and honey bubble bath. 

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