This shit is real and really crazy

My boyfriend might be sparkly


The above image is Australia.  The image bellow is Georgia.


Ok, so I know that Georgia is a very lovely state.  But right now, I am rooting for Australia.  I have a new Pen pal and he is kind and amazing to talk to.  The pen pal in Georgia has pretty much ruined any desire to ever go there.  But hey, I can get really in to going somewhere out of the country.  I have only been to Canada.  I do not remember a lot about it other than a boy who was on the trip kept kicking the ground as we walked this long dirt road and it made dust get in my eyes.  Now now, calm down my dear readers… I was spared by my Aunt who made him stop.  I still can see.  No need to get all upset.  I live and I see.  And right now, I have to say that I still have the coins I got there and a whole lot more.  I collect coins, preferably foreign. 

I have already blogged about the Georgia pen pal that is no more.  So I thought I would say a few kind words (because kind words are all I have to say about him) and tell you of the new ginger in my life. 

As you know, my boyfriend is a very lovely ginger like person.  Well he, or Call as I shall refer to him for short until he says he would love to have his whole first name to be made famous in the USA to all the 15 readers I have… Fear not, I cherish all of my readers. 

Well I do not know a whole lot about him other than he is kind and a very refreshing person to talk to.  He makes me laugh, he is kind and very very NOT rude.  We met accidentally on some on  Everyone on this site seems to just take it as a joke and tell strangers all kinds of crazy things. 

Well I tried that.  I tried to make up insane and wild things to say.  But it bored me and no one would carry on with the crazy and wild conversation for more than a minute.  So I thought, fuck it, the next one I am gonna be me.  The next one was call.

We soon became friends on facebook and now I just adore him.  I am starting to think the cute little pale gingers are just all wonderful.  I would have to do further research to be sure but… So far so good.  Even if my boyfriend does not like being out in to the sun… Maybe he is a vampire and is afraid to show me his sparkly skin… fear not my Jason… I would love to see you sparkle.

Dude… American werewolf in Paris is on… I am like 99% sure I was talking to someone recently and they said they liked that movie…. Weird.

I have no energy or even the bother to hate my old pen pal.  I just wish he could see he is only fooling himself and hiding behind God.  I guess he doesn’t realize that God does not want us to hide behind him, He wants us to shine facing him.




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