This shit is real and really crazy

Ok,, this dog could like… be like… a super hero

This is Jessie, the pic above is I mean.  I mean I am typing this, not Jessie the dog… Although she is so smart, you never know.  She is a rotten spoiled little dog and she will drive you crazy.  She had a pin in the garage and Tara, the owner / mommy of the dog asked me to make sure she got some water.  I told her I would let her run free in the garage for a while and that after I got the pile of towels in the hall washed, I would bring her in.  I delayed it because she is quite destructive.  

So I got her some water and went back in to the house.  At some point I had to go to the garage to get something, I did and then came back in and shut the door and then I realized that she had not tried to get back in to the house.  This was a first.  I was on the phone with my mom and I went back out there to see where the dog was.  The garage door was closed.  She was not in the house.  I ran to Jason and asked if he knew where she was.  He didn’t so I told my mom to call me back in a half an hour so I could go find the dog. If only I had known that a half hour was never going to be a good time to call back.

I looked under the car, me and Jason looked everywhere.  How could she get out?  It was a concrete box attached to a house that clearly did not have a dog in it.  This was right about the time we began to panic.  We began walking through the neighborhood, down our little dead end street. 

When we got to the end of the street, there was a man working on the yard to a house and we asked if he had seen her.  He said, “Yeah, a little brown dog?  Yeah I saw her when I first got here, she went that way”.  We finally could breathe again.  But she did not come when we called so we went back to get the car.  We even called Jason’s parents.  His dad had cut our grass, maybe knew something.  And he did.  He knew nothing about a dog, he assumed she was in the house with us.  But he did say he found the garage door open and he shut it for us.  And that was at around 3:30-4:00.  Well this was late in the day, it was after 7:00. 

We drove around in the car, everywhere and in between and then did it all over again. We went to places we thought would be impossibly far for such a little dog to have ever gotten to.  But then we saw it, we called and the dog looked up.  This dog was in a yard where an older woman was working on her yard.  This woman was very unamused and she called the dog to her.  And when the dog turned, we saw that it was not our sweet Jessie.  It was at that moment I thought of the fact that I no longer had any hope left.

Jessie was a very young dog, and hyper and not the brightest crayon in the box.  I thought to myself, how could she ever have gotten back home.  She had only lived there for several months.  After more than two hours had past, we went back home.  As we pulled in we saw Tara go in through the front door.  We went in through the garage and all I had to say was, Tara we need to talk to you about something, and she knew.  We told her we had been looking for more than two hours and we could not find her.

Tara left without a word.  I knew she was angry and I wanted to help but we had done all we could.  She called her family and they continued the search.  Eventually her family left and Tara came back home.  She came in with poster board and asked me to help her make signs.  While we did that, she asked Jason to go walk around the house and check one more time.  So he did.

He came in through the back and told us he thought he heard her, but she was not there.  He thought he was crazy.  I joked and said my hallucinations were not contagious and so he sat down and finished his show.  After we had made almost 20 large signs, Tara asked me to go outside with her and look one more time while she smoked.  I did of course.

I was talking and at the same time, we heard a jingle.  I ignored it, it was of course the neighbors dogs that had recently tried to kill Jessie.  I did not even stop talking and Tara loudly shhh’d me.  She called out to Jessie.  Then she called one more time and we saw her.  We both screamed, never mind the fact that it was like 1am.  We screamed her name so loud that she dashed between the cars.  She thought we were screaming at her, instead of for her.  She came out like she thought she would be beaten.  Tara grabbed her and fell to the ground hysterical with cries and the dog just did not know what to do.  She tried to get away and that is when I grabbed her and ran for the front door.  Tara ran behind me.

Then we were in the house, the door shut tight behind us.  We had our Jessie back.  She was so excited, she had no idea why we were all screaming and so she just ran around like a nut licking at every part of us she could reach. we could not get enough of her.  I cried and so did Tara.  Jessie was back in to her routine no matter what we were doing and she was gnawing on Jason’s hand. 

We promised each other that she would never be left free in the garage.  There was no reason as to why the garage door went up in the first place, but this was the second time and the next day it did it again. 

That night I did not sleep.  I stayed up cleaning out the “pet closet” which is a very nice sized, walk in and everything, closet that would soon have her pin in it so that if she got out ever again, she would simply be free in the house, not the entire neighborhood.  I made it like her own little home.  I washed all of her blankets and put one in her pin. 

Tara loved what I did to it.  She was very happy with my hard work.  This was a few days ago, and the dog has not touched that pin yet.  We are making every effort we can to be as good to her that is possible.  We take her out all the time.  She has not had an accident since that day either.  We take her out all the time so she can go whenever she needs.

(side note, she is asleep against my leg right now and she is dreaming.  she is moving in her sleep)

This crazy hyper puppy some how went on a crazy adventure and she found her way home.  We would have never been the same without her.  I thank God for this miracle.  I am a Christian so that is who I thank for every special moment I have ever had.  Tara is wicken.  But she said while she made those signs before we found her, she said that she was praying to every single being that might be out there to bring her dog back.  I told her later that day that one of those beings heard her and so she must have prayed to the right one.  Now of course I am biased, but that is just me, lol. 

She came back to us very tired, very hungry, and very thirsty.  The only marks on her were the many many ticks she had picked up (do not fret, they are all gone now) and a sore paw.  It seems that she might have gotten bitten by something.  Two gashes to her paw pad which caused her to favor it the rest of the night.  Aside from her favoring it after her attempt to play with an unwilling cat the next day, she had forgotten all about it. 

I do not know how she did it, but she did it.  It was a damn miracle.


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