This shit is real and really crazy

How poor am I?

Well, just how poor are you, Cazbaz???  Well I am so fucking poor that I am not in bed right now.  Well what does that have to do with anything?  Well I knew if I went to bed I would not want to get my fat ass out of bed, so I stayed up and will not go to bed for a while more because I have to go sell plasma.  Not just me, my ex-husband and my boyfriend shall be going with me.  Is my boyfriend poor?  Not technically but we just had to get $150 worth of flea meds and take our new baby, Tiger to the vet.  I have had him since July 4th.  He was inside a drain at Thorntons crying for his life.  Took me quite a bit of turkey and a lot of patience sitting on a curb in the rain.  But he finally came out just enough to grab him.  He is 9 weeks old-ish and he is so skinny he looks half that in thickness.  I love him so much already I can not stand being away from him. 

But anywho… back to the whole, wah wah wah I is broke kinda stuff… Well I am going to a plasma bank to make money off the plasma in my blood.  They open at 7am.  I am tired and my refusal to go to bed has began a slow walk to a manic episode which is making my heart beat too fast.  Will they buy plasma if my heart is trying to explode?  Can I just say, hey I am crazy but my plasma took after my…. well never mind, my mom and my dad’s side are all crazy so maybe the plasma will create healthy crazy people.  Is a life threatening disease going untreated just because of a few dilated eyes and a lil’ bipolar mixed in with an OCD bow on top?  We shall see.


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