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To lube, or not to lube

Thanks to a very special friend, I have learned the ways of good vs bad lube.  The first lube I ever used was ky jelly because, well doesn’t everyone use that at some point?  But I stopped using it because my gyno told me it has more unhealthy chemicals in it than most of the other lubes.  So, out with the old and in with… nothing really.  I just kinda stopped using it because I was afraid I would be allergic to it.  But then the day came where I needed it and I got this from my physical therapist ….Image  I loved this kind.  But they do not sell it at my local or at my not so local porn stores so once again I was faced with, what if I am allergic to it thoughts.  Well after that I started using this instead of lube….Image

Now I know it says lube in the name, but it is really just lotion.  But it was not all scented and fancy and I did not have a reaction to it so that is what I used for a while. 

Well my sister got married and I threw her a bachlorette party and I gave everyone a goody bag and I put this in every bag….Image

Well as you can imagine, more people were invited than actually came and I actually bought more than needed for who was invited because you never know when someone will bring a friend.  This was not meant to be a shitty gift.  I thought it would be nice.  Do not buy walmart brand lube, people.  Get walmart coco puffs and tylenol, but stay away from the equate lube.  It was awful.  Because I had extra I put it in my little sex box under my bed and whipped it out one time and discovered how sticky it was.  It was like clear glue.  When you wipe your hands off, it doesn’t all come off.  Hair gets stuck to your hand and your vag and or ass will be sticky too.  Totally gross. 

But I have this sexy friend, Nathanial (no I did not spell his name wrong) and he bought me this for Christmas he got me this … Image

This is what you want.  This is what you want for everything.  Rather it be the vag or the butt, you want this.  Keep a towel close by and only use a tiny bit.  A little goes a very long way with this stuff.  I had always been curious about anal play but the one time I tried it, i thought I was gonna die.  I used a dildo and I swear to you I thought the pain would never stop.  I was fucking done with that shit.  My sister was on my side.  She hates it too.  She does it for her husband cause he likes anal, but she really hates it.  But then I got the lube.  It made every toy slide right in to my tight coochy and I just could not resist.  It took me a bit to build up the nerve but I finally did it.  Now… I am ALL about anal.  Well I mean not all, but I really love using my toys there.  Put that stuff on and it just goes in, just slides like butter.  And I have learned that, though I may never have actual anal sex, toys there are amazing. 

This goes in my ass… Image and then something else goes in the vag… maybe this, Image

or Image

or even this Image


These are all pics I got offline of the ones I actually have, let me know if you think I need real pics of my actual toys.  I mean they are the same, but authenticity is important to some people.  I love to please my readers.

But anyways, that lube will make it all better.  Turns bad pain to soothing pleasure with a hint of pain if you choose to get a little rough. 

So kids, don’t penetrate your puppy love’s ass without Wet Platinum. 

One comment on “To lube, or not to lube

  1. TheGirl
    September 7, 2013

    Lube please, silicone or water based. No peanut butter jelly (from my recent post!).

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