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If the titanic had not sunk…


I was just sitting here thinking about how the titanic is so famous.  I doubt anyone in America has never heard of it.  I am not betting my life on it, but I have a good feeling that I am right.  We all love the movie.  We all love going to museums with memorabilia.  Image

The story is epic, and so is the movie.  It’s beauty and elaborate decor and size are infamous.  But what about the other boats?

Yes yes I know, it was not a boat.  Trying to make you chuckle here people. 

How many boats and ships etc. have been built before and we know nothing of their first voyage.  And since the titanic, well you know there are a million ships way way bigger than titanic.  But do you know their names?  Do you know about the passengers or the teams of people keeping it onward to all of it’s destination?  Do you know anything about it’s first voyage that was later followed by many many more successful ones? 

Of course not aside from people in the bizz.  If titanic had stayed afloat and made it to it’s destination, we would not know its name either.  We would know nothing about the number of the safety boats vs the number of the passengers and crew.  Because it would not have mattered.  Why is that?

Why do we spend so much time learning and holding all these tragedies to our hearts?  Now I am not saying we should turn our noses up to any kind of learning of the horrible things that have happened in our beautiful worlds life.  I am just saying, why do we not hold on to the good?

When you are in high school and you sneeze when your hair stylist takes one more snip and she kinda… snips off half your head of hair… everyone at school will remember that on their tenth anniversary.  Will they remember one individual good hair day?  Of course not.


We watch reality tv shows, like honey boo boo and we all cant look away (well some of us can) and why does the entire country talk about this kid?  Because we like to look down on the entire family.  Most of us do not laugh with them, we laugh at them.  They are all one disaster at a time. 

We drive to work or to a friends house ( possibly a sexy friend ) and we see a wreck on the side of the road and we can’t wait to tell our friend.  We might even tell other people about it the next day.  Or call and tell them.  How about yesterday? 


Yesterday I made it from a good friend’s house all the way home without one wreck on the road or anyone riding my ass to try to make me go faster or even a rude person that felt the need to flip me off.  Do you think I walked in the door to tell anyone?  Of course not.  We seem to revel in the bad and forget the good… or maybe not forget, half the time we never even take notice. 

When you talk about your ex-boyfriend, are you going to say, the last 24 1/2 days we were together, we had so much fun and didn’t fight once?  No.  We will turn that 1/2 day previously mentioned and spend two weeks telling everyone how he treated you like shit all day.  How he ruined that entire day.  All the other days are washed away by anger and gossip.Image

We all need to try and learn to hold on to all the small moments that are good, or the big moments that last hours where you never cry.  But we keep holding on to the half hour tears are falling.Image

Last night I had an incredible night and I had a really awesome morning.  I think just for today, I will hold tight to those moments.  Just for today.  I am sure tomorrow I will get pissed off and the last 12 hours will mean nothing like always lol.  But right now, I am gonna hold tight. 

I’m smiling, are you?


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