This shit is real and really crazy

Asshole Day…

dealing with assholes day First, my night, which everyone else calls morning, I could NOT fall asleep. Lately I have managed to fall asleep without meds, for about a week now, but I just could not. By the time I finally fall asleep, it is so “late” that the day is basically gone. What happens? My ex that I live with wakes me up. I say go away and he just keeps talking. I had to practically scream to get him out of the bedroom. Then some time later, not sure when, but my ex-husband comes in to wake me up. I am like WTF!!!??? He said he just figured I would not want to sleep the day away. Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black… He slept all night and basically all day the day before. So fine, I get up. I eat a bowl of cereal while still fuming. Then I am like, fuck you both, I am going back to bed. Then finally Josh called and I was happy to hear from him, let me tell you.
Then me and Jason and Chris all went out to eat. It was late but I wanted to eat and sit down so instead of getting Taco Bell (I could have eaten and would have eaten healthy there) I chose McDonalds cause their lobby was open. I swear to God, that woman that took our order forgot how to smile. It takes over 20 minutes to get our food… for that waiting time I could have gone to a much nicer restaurant. I get to my table and I have no lettuce on my fucking Big Mac. Chris went to complain to the manager about the wait and the guy could care less. He did not offer to fix anything, help us out, no apologies. Nothing. I told them about the lettuce and they took my existing sandwich and just put lettuce on it. That is illegal because I could have done anything to it and then they put it back with their food. They are supposed to give me a new one. Chris wrote a nice detailed letter to corporate. So much for fast food. While we waited, a couple of girls in front of us got their food, drove all the way home, then she came back cause the order was fucked up. She saw me standing there and said, “You still have not gotten your food?!?” I was like, “Nope”. Then I sat down and while she was there I came back up with the big mac. I just want to point out that in the time it took to make me a big mac, she had driven all the way home and back before I got mine.
As if this was not all fun enough, Chris decides that my current dating relationship is based only on sex…. I have only had sex once… Not sure how that means it is only based on that. Whatever, I could use a little based on sex relationship. He was just being an asshole.
Then… I come in here to my computer with hopes of finding better, and some happiness. Nope, I find Nathanial. He is all fine with naked pics and sex and what have you from me, but he can not even bring him self to read my blog? WTF?? I do so much fucking shit for everyone. Clean the house, do the laundry, take care of the pets, cook, love and help out in every way I can and it just seems like I NEVER find that in return.
Am I going to Chris and telling him his relationships have been built on anything not lovely? No. Of course not. Who ever he is with, I try to get to know her and be her friend. I support them. Because that is what you do for people you care about. Or at least that is how I was raised.
Men out there, stop thinking with this…thinking with your brain
Start thinking with thisthinking cap and stop being assholes.
Don’t wake me up. Don’t be unsupportive and don’t accept sexual favors if you can not bother yourself to read something that is dear to my heart. Fuck all men… cept that one on Lou. Him, I am not mad at. But the rest of them either made me mad today, or they probably will be saving it for tomorrow.

Also, this is so fucking weirdweird chair

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