This shit is real and really crazy

Dating my ex….

Ok, so, you never know what will come from your past and re-attach it’s self to you.  What is really weird is when the newly attached member of your past has gone from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Time heals all wounds they say.  It just takes time, they say.  In good time, they say.  It will only be a matter of time, better luck next time… Now that is the one I like.  Better luck next time.  So wish me luck.  Cause it is soooo much better this time.  All I can say is, now is our time.  J-man, I look forward to seeing you again.  


Wish being this happy with him, made the crazy go away.  But today I am feeling horrible anxiety.  I can hear and feel my heart beat.  Control, my control over my very existence is not in my control.  I have no power over my life now.  I have the most annoying irresponsible Dr in the world, but she knows what she is doing so I put up with it.  I guess the crazy will never go away.  I guess this is who I am.  I just hope he can handle it.  God knows I can’t right now.  Someone needs to handle it for me.

I just want my mom…. I know, 31 years old and wanting her mommy is sad… but she will be there if I need her.  I think I may go there now.  So not fucking ok right now.  I want to cry but it just won’t come out. 

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