This shit is real and really crazy

Suspenders vs School Girl Outfit ….

Ok people. So I think suspenders on a girl are fucking sexy, be they in clothes and suspenders or just panties and suspenders. The school girl thing does kinda turn me on. But I have a question for my readers. Which is hotter?

School girl?
school girl

sexy suspenders 2

Or, how about both?
school girl suspenders

Personally, I think they are all 3 fucking hot, but if a girl dressed like this
suspenders girl

Or a guy dressed like this
suspenders guy

And, it is not a skinny thing either. I prefer men bigger than me. Makes me feel safe and feminine. So, let’s see it this way, if a man is dressed like this
large guy in suspenders

or this
chubby girl in suspenders

I would totally do them. So, what’s my vote? Suspenders do it for me… all the way. But there is no wrong answer here. People like what they like. What do you like? If anyone tells me something that really turns them on, I will try to write a blog about it. So, what say ye? Kisses, bitches!

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