This shit is real and really crazy

Hide and seek goes so so so very wrong…


My boyfriend posted a pic tonight of Michael from Halloween finding his victim in the closet and the caption is “I invented hide and seek”.  This immediately made me think of one person.  Alan.  Growing up I had a cousin named Alan and he was my favorite cousin.  He was the bad boy in the family but never ignored me even though he was a bit older.  He was just special.  He was “cool” to me back in the day.  Anyways, my family is a decent sized family.  Me and all my cousins grew up together playing at grandma’s house.  She was a bit of a hoarder.  Dolls in particular. 


That pic is mild in comparison.  And it was in every room.  Every room in my grandma’s house, even the bathroom and laundry room has thousands of breakables.  Lots of china dolls.  Nicknacks galore.  Lets just say, family get togethers can be stressful these days if you have little ones running around.  But back then we knew to be very careful follow the rules.  

One of those rules was, NO playing Hide and seek in the house.  This would put her stuff in jeopardy so it was never allowed.  But we were kids and we lived for getting away with breaking the rules.  I do not know why we were all there, but parents were upstairs and us cousins (Me, Brandy, Tammy, Alan, Justin, Niki) were all downstairs and hide and seek was on our minds.  We all knew to be quiet and we all knew to alert everyone else if we heard a grown up coming down.  I was the smallest and I could fit in more places than the rest so I was pretty good at hiding, but they were older and smarter so they tended to find me.  We played, I am guessing for more than an hour before one of us went missing.  Alan.  

At some point we were all aware that Alan was missing.  We sent someone, probably me, up to scope out the upstairs.  Nope.  Not upstairs.  So instead of one person looking for everyone, it was everyone looking for one person, Alan.  I know time goes slower when you are a kid, but I swear it was hours of searching for him before we began to panic and get desperate. 

I was a little brat and I came up with a plan.


This pic is not the real thing.  His was COVERED in buttons.  He NEVER went anywhere without this jacket.  He would not let anyone borrow it, not even try it on.  But he got warm while playing and he had taken it off and left it on a chair.  So I came up with the wicked plan to get everyone to walk around threatening to take all the buttons off.  We were sure this would get him to come out. 

Nope.  No matter how much we begged and pleaded.  No matter how many threats to that jacket, no matter how many threats to tell the grownups, he never came out.  He was just hidden and silent.  This went on for a very long time.  We were freaking out because we were not even allowed to play this game in the house, so telling the grownups that he was missing was not an option and I am guessing he called our bluff on that threat. 


Needless to say, we were getting worn out from looking for him and calling out to him.  We were scared.  I went in to the laundry room one more time, and found nothing so I came out and sorta just let myself fall back against the door.  And when my back hit the door, I squashed him.


He was behind the freaking door!!!  Then we heard the giggles. 


I had found him.  Now I know what you think.  Why couldn’t we find him if he was simply behind a door?  Well he was tricky.  Yes he was behind a door to the laundry room, but there was a piece of furniture next to the door and a coat rack in front of the door.  He was a skinny little thing and some how managed to squeeze by the furniture and move the coat rack and get behind the door and manage to get it all back in place while he hid.  As soon as we helped him out of his spot, he said loudly, “Where is my jacket?!?!”  The giggles started all over again.


I kid you not, almost immediately after I found him and we all got done giggling at his genius and successful plan, the parents called from upstairs because it was time to go home. 

That was the last time we broke that rule.  That group of kids never played hide and seek in the house, in that house anyways, again.  I do not know if any of my cousins remember this day.  For me it was a huge moment.  I was the one to find him, by accident but I still claimed that one.  That is one of my favorite times I ever spent with my family back then.  There were lots and lots of amazing times.  But that day just seemed to epic. 

I will never forget that day or my cousin Alan.  We lost him many years ago.  He was my cool older cousin.  We got in to trouble together and there were so many good times.  Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days.  They seemed so special and there seemed to be plenty of them where as now those times are few and far between.  I wonder if the new group of kids in my family will have stories like that.  I wonder if they are already making moments that they will be telling their kids about one day.  I miss him still.  I think of him every time I listen to The Doors.  He was the one to introduce me to that band.  What can I say, kid had good taste.


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